Beauty Round Up: How To Look Instantly Younger With Make-Up

Makeup can never do the work of a medical cosmetic, but if it’s applied correctly it will undeniably improve your appearance and boost your confidence.  This week we turned to our favorite beauty and fashion websites to collect their tips to perk-up everyone’s best feature, the eyes.

  • One way to instantly glow is to play up your eyes while drawing attention away from less than perfect skin.  The Daily Makeover has a clever trick to achieve an instant eye life using a little shimmer.
  • Harper’s Bazaar understands that a woman can look bright eyed at any age. They have a wonderful suggestion on how to fake your way to bigger eyes.
  • Think your eye batting days are over?  Total Beauty does not think so.  Learn how to get a very modern full lash look.

Have any tips you want to share? Leave it in the comments below!

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