Does Botox Prevent Wrinkles?

In my practice, one of the questions patients frequently ask about Botox treatments is: does it prevent wrinkles? The simple answer is yes; before I explain the specifics of this process, let me identify the two types of facial wrinkles Botox treats. The first type, “static” or “resting” lines, are actual creases in the skin … Continued

When Botox Doesn’t Work: 3 Common Factors and How to Resolve Them

What is the most common reason Botox doesn’t work? By far the most common reason for ineffective Botox results is that TOO FEW UNITS WERE APPLIED (you did not get enough). The most frustrating thing that can happen to a Botox customer is that they paid for something that did not work at all. The … Continued

Botox vs. Anti-Aging Creams

Cosmetics companies would like us to believe that the trendy moisturizers with the newest exotic fruits sourced from secret locations, combined with savory seaweeds from ocean floors are the only solution for removing crow’s feet and other facial wrinkles. Can these creams really be the reason your favorite 80’s model still looks fabulous or the … Continued

Natural-Look Botox Vs. Camouflage Make-Up

Worried about how you are going to hide those ugly wrinkles and achieve a natural look without caking on a fake mask of make-up? The answer is so simple, especially if your morning get-ready regime is already jam packed. The answer is something you have heard about, but maybe misinformed about. The answer is Botox … Continued


To fully understand treatment with cosmetic fillers, you need to be knowledgeable about more than the fillers themselves; you need to understand how to use them most effectively to treat problem areas. At Verve Medical Cosmetics, we know filler treatments are very valuable and want to ensure we give you the best return on your … Continued


Many of our clients subscribe to a common misconception; the area where a facial crease or fold appears is the same area where the corresponding loss of support is. In truth, the appearance of these deep wrinkle folds or sagging skin is a result of the areas SURROUNDING these conditions losing volume. The basic concept … Continued

Sharon Haver reviews EyeRise & BaseLift

Beauty insider, Focus on Style’s Sharon Haver, loves the natural results of Dr. Bracci’s EyeRise. treatments. Visit Focus On Style to read Sharon’s review of BaseLift and EyeRise! Expert Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse specials are available in NYC, Miami and New Jersey 25 units of Botox for $299 for new clients ($12/unit) Juvederm $599 for … Continued

Fountainof30 loves BaseLift, Too!

Once again, loves Verve Medical Cosmetics and Dr. Stephen Bracci! The editor loved the EyeRise so much, she decided to repair even more lost volume with the full-face

Fountain of 30 Loves EyeRise

Fountain of 30 style editor Lauren Dimet Waters shares her experience of turning back the clock with the help of Verve Medical Cosmetic’s founder and renowned aesthetic artist Dr. Stephen Bracci. Lauren’s recent EyeRise treatment put her back on track to achieving her very own Fountain of 30 – looking younger, natural and, simply put, … Continued


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