Eye Bag Treatments: Cosmetic Fillers or Surgery?

You’ve read all the opinions online and are still can’t decide: What’s the best treatment for under eye bags? Surgery or Cosmetic Fillers? Let’s begin here. The most common cause of under eye bags is the loss of support underneath the skin in the area below the eyes, resulting in a hollowing effect and under … Continued

Eye Bags and Dark Circles – Facts and Treatment

Eye bags and under eye circles, are they the same, can I have one without the other? These are the questions many of us ask as we look in the mirror and see the worsening of sagging skin under our eyes. I am a physician solely dedicated to the specialty practice of injectable arts with … Continued

Why Botox Sometimes Doesn’t Work

Botox Not Working for You? Here are the 3 Most Common Reasons Why Botox Cosmetic and Xeomin are effective and popular treatments to counteract the signs of aging. However, some patients are disappointed in the results of their treatment when they find Botox did not smooth all the wrinkles they thought it would and did … Continued

My Friend Has Too Much Botox. What Do I Say?

We’ve all seen it – the friend whose cosmetic treatment has changed their facial appearance, and not for the better. What do we do, when we want to say “You’ve had too much Botox,” while looking at their frozen face or puffy lips and cheeks out of proportion with the rest of their features? The … Continued

Scientists Reveal Butt Secrets of Aging Skin

Regular exercise is important for many reasons, one of those reasons is stalling the aging process of the skin. There are two layers of skin – the outer layer (epidermis) and the lower layer (dermis) likened to the roots of the skin supplying the nutrients that keep skin younger. As we age, the epidermis gets … Continued

5 Reasons Celebrities Look Fake

  Season 2 episode 3 of the Ageless Rage Show discusses 5 major reason why some celebrities look fake and how to avoid this look. The FIRST and Most common reason by far is that they had permanent changes made to the face such as plastic surgery. Whenever the face is cut and the tissues … Continued

The New Nose Job: Non-Surgical Nose Filler Contouring

The term ‘nose job’ no longer refers exclusively to surgery. Now, there is a non-surgical option: filler nose jobs, or, what we like to call ‘non-surgical nose contouring.’ In one lunchtime appointment, you can give your nose the shape you want. Patient of Stephen P. Bracci, M.D. Individuals results may vary. There is absolutely no … Continued

Botox Pricing in New York

  In this latest episode of Ageless Rage, Dr. Stephen Bracci explains the different ways in which Botox treatments are priced and sold in NYC. Dr. Bracci goes over how and why you might be charged differently depending on which area of the face you’re treating as well as the difference between per-unit pricing and … Continued
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