Beauty Round Up: How To Look Instantly Younger With Make-Up

Makeup can never do the work of a medical cosmetic, but if it’s applied correctly it will undeniably improve your appearance and boost your confidence.  This week we turned to our favorite beauty and fashion websites to collect their tips to perk-up everyone’s best feature, the eyes. One way to instantly glow is to play up … Continued

Sculptra®Aesthetic: One Way to Look Great, Not Fake

Good things come to those who wait. That is the case with Sculptra®Aesthetic; an injectable cosmetic that works like a derma filler overtime. Unlike Juvederm or RADIESSE, two very popular skin plumping options that provide immediate results, Sculptra®Aesthetic works slowly to gradually replace the collagen that time has taken away while reinforcing your skin’s structure. … Continued

Medical Cosmetic Solutions for Crow’s Feet

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine did not have crow’s feet, those pesky lines that start at the outer corner of the eye and over time fans out and deepens.  The condition for most adults is the first sign of aging. This is because the eye and temple area have less collagen than the … Continued

The Wrinkle Report: Marionette Lines

Marionette lines despite the playful name can make us look years beyond our real age. For those not in the know, these creases are the result of aging.  The lines resemble parentheses that frame the corners of your mouth and chin—think Howdy Doody and you get the idea (and if you are old enough to … Continued

Intentions for Prevention

We are now into the second month of the New Year, and I have to ask — how many of you stuck to that New Year’s resolution you made about eating better and exercising more? Show of hands please? Hmmm, I thought so. Okay, don’t beat yourself up. Good intentions can pave the way to … Continued

Eyerise Can Wipe That Tired Look Off Your Face

There is nothing like getting that unwelcomed anti-compliment. “You look tired.” At one time, a good night’s rest would have wiped that exhausted look right off your face. Now not as much. Why you may ask? Well, kiddo we will give it to you straight. Unfortunately, your eyes are not the windows for your soul. … Continued

Valentine’s Day Make-Over

Be your own sweetheart this Valentine’s Day by giving yourself the wrinkle zapping makeover you deserve! Here is the skinny; you can’t eliminate the signs of aging with an over the counter cream. Only the best beauty innovations of the century, which includes Botox Cosmetic and Dermal Fillers, can reverse the ravages of time without … Continued

You Left Your Hair On! Laser Hair Removal

Have you been in this prickly situation? You’re showing a little skin and suddenly you realize you left your hair on… You forgot to wax, pluck, or shave! Instead of having your usual smooth, luminous skin, you’re covered in stubble! Pretty embarrassing… For over 12 years, Verve Medical Cosmetics have been Laser Hair Removal obsessed.  Our clients … Continued

Is There Such A Thing As A Non-Surgical Face-lift?

Blogger  Sharon Haver recently realized that it takes more than good habits to maintain a fresh youthful visage.  So she turned to Verve Medical Cosmetics to get the skinny on Thermage, an incision-free device that reduces the tell-tale signs of aging skin by stimulating new collagen growth, which tightens the skin. Could this be the … Continued
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