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What is Botox used to treat forehead wrinkles? 

Botox can be used as an off-label treatment to diminish the horizontal lines on that appear on our foreheads as we age. By injecting Botox into this area we are able to ease the tension in the forehead muscles, allowing the skin on your forehead to relax and appear as it once did.

How is botox for the forehead different from other areas?

Botox on the forehead can be used to change the shape of the brows , whereby many women seek results that not only diminish the horizontal forehead lines but also cause an elevation of the brows . By relaxing the majority of the forehead muscles , while selectively allowing for some small muscular movement above the eyebrows – a lifting effect can be obtained . The eye brow lift techniques is essentially the result of selectively allowing only the muscles closest to the eyebrows to remain pulling while relaxing the remainder of the muscles on the forehead.

What is the most common risk of botox for the forehead?

Botox treatments for the forehead are one of the most challenging areas to treat. If too much botox is applied to the lower part of the forehead then there is a risk of developing flat, or heavy, eyebrows, even a droopy eyelid. However if too little botox is applied to the lower part of the forehead then excessive arching of the eyebrows can occur, making the treatment look unnatural.

To avoid this, we begin by injecting Botox higher in the forehead , further away from the eyebrows . As a general rule of thumb it is preferred to a little extra movement remaining in the lower forehead, allowing for additional botox that can be used to adjust and perfect . The opposite (heavy eyebrows or eyelids) is not preferable as the only solution is to wait for the excess Botox to wear off which may take weeks, even more than a month, for the botox results to wear off.

What is different in Men’s and Women’s preferences for botox in the forehead?

Generally women prefer to allow some movement above the brows to allow for a more arched eyebrow line, whereas most men prefer to have no movement above the eyebrows so the brows stay flat across.

Do I have to do botox every 3 months year round to get the benefits of botox for the forehead?

No, many people maintain the results seen in their forehead lines by using botox as little as twice a year.

If you are suffering from horizontal lines on your forehead, Botox Cosmetic could be just what you need to start looking younger. It is simple and non-surgical. It reduces the muscle activity that causes moderate to severe wrinkle lines. Depending on the severity of the wrinkles, Botox or dermal fillers will be considered. Your doctor will help you decide on the right treatment.


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