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Botox for Mouth Wrinkles

How is botox used to treat the area around the mouth?

As an off-label use, Botox can be used to relax the muscles around the mouth (perioral muscles.) Treating the muscles around the mouth will, in effect, result in a decreased pull on the skin and decrease in the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth.

What is the effect of using too much botox around the mouth?

Treating the muscles that cause wrinkling around the mouth is a delicate balance. Using too much Botox around the mouth can cause difficulty when puckering the lips and or when sipping from a straw.

Can Botox be used to treat all of the wrinkles around the mouth?

No – while botox injected around the mouth improves the wrinkles that show with movement and expression, botox generally will not improve the lines that are seen when our face is at rest.

What other treatments are helpful to treat the lines around the mouth?

Cosmetic fillers are very popular for treating the lines around the mouth as they are effective in restoring the lost foundation under the skin.

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