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Non-Surgical Removal Of Eyebags
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Created by master injector Dr. Stephen Bracci and exclusively available at VERVE, EyeRise™ is an innovative method for reducing a tired or aged appearance under the eyes. During the procedure, a tailored combination of cosmetic fillers are injected under the eyes and the mid-face region, using a different cosmetic filler for each layer underneath the skin. The goal is to reduce the appearance of dark circles and eye bags while restoring the skin to its original position.
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The non-surgical facelift
In one appointment

BaseLift™ is the trademarked non-surgical facelift procedure created by injectables expert Dr. Stephen Bracci and performed exclusively at VERVE. The procedure uses cosmetic fillers to lift sagging skin and restore the natural shape of the face.

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BaseLift™ is the trademarked non-surgical facelift procedure created by injectables expert Dr. Stephen Bracci and performed exclusively at VERVE. The procedure uses cosmetic fillers to lift sagging skin and restore the natural shape of the face.

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Brow Lift Brows can often be lifted or contoured to a more rested or desired shapely appearance with non-surgical cosmetic injections depending on the condition.

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img-27Forehead Lines The lines that appear in the forehead between the eyebrows and the hairline. The lines have two different components: a resting component (static line) and a movement component (dynamic lines). 2 of 21

img-2811 Lines These lines develop due to the muscular pull and movement from frowning and other facial expressions and are also known as “frown lines” or “movement lines”.

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Bunny Lines The fine lines that appear on either side of your nose when you wrinkle it. Wrinkle relaxers like Botox or Xeomin can treat these lines to minimize the appearance

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img-29Nose Contouring Non-surgical nose contouring is an effective treatment for patients who have curvature or bumps in the nose and want to straighten the nose without surgery.

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Gummy Smile Most commonly caused by an overgrowth of gum tissue covering too much of a person’s teeth, and evident when the focus of a person’s smile is their gums and not their teeth.

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img-30Lip Plump Both the upper and bottom lips can be plumped with a series of cosmetic fillers injections that add volume.

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Chin Dimples can easily be filled with dermal fillers which will add volume raisng the skin and creating a natural smooth appearance.

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Neck Sagging & Chin Fat  are caused by a natural process called atrophy, or loss of the support system under the skin.

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img-31Hands The skin on our hands is often more sensitive to the aging process because it is regularly exposed to the sun and the harsh elements of day-to-day life.

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Buttocks Cosmetic fillers are injected into targeted areas to sculpt, reshape, and achieve a natural contoured result.

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Underarm Sweating Cosmetic injectables Botox and Xeomin are neuromodulators known to treat and solve, Hyperhidrosis, by relaxing the muscles and blocking the overactive nerves that cause the overproduction of sweat.

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Vertical Lip Lines

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img-32Marionette Lines The lines or creases that appear at the corners of the mouth and extend downward, and are also known as laugh lines.

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Full Facial Sagging Occurs when we lose foundation and volume or base below the skin, leading our skin to fold and sag.

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img-33Nasolabial Folds The creases that run from the edges of the nose to the sides of the mouth, and are also known as smile lines.

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Under Eye Bags generally appear when we lose foundation under our skin as we age. Dark Circles are caused by the deepening creases in the skin below the eye in which light reflects off.

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Cheeks Sagging cheeks form as we age and as we lose the foundation under the skin in the midface.

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img-34Crow’s Feet The leading causes of these small lines that appear around the corners of the eye are the movement of the skin while squinting and smiling.

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img-35Jawline Contouring/Facial Slimming Correcting a sagging jawline and jowls with cosmetic injectables is an effective way to better contour your face without making major changes.

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Under Eye Lines

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I’m Dr. Stephen Bracci
Verve Medical Cosmetics

Welcome I’m Dr. Stephen Bracci, and I couldn’t be happier to introduce you to VERVE Medical Cosmetics. Over 20 years ago, I started VERVE with a dedication to specializing my practice solely in the use of non-surgical, anti-aging cosmetic treatments and skin rejuvenation.

After many years of mastering injection techniques of dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, such as Botox®, I’ve had the ability to produce natural-looking results for thousands of patients. I consider the entire architecture of the face and can create a customized plan for you to restore your original facial structure and glow. My patients are left with a rested and more youthful appearance. Combining my extensive experience, the latest technology, and my artful hand, the results speak for themselves. As a pioneer in the field, I have trademarked several non-surgical techniques, including Baselift™, the non-surgical facelift, and EyeRise™ for the under-eye area.

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