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Acne Scars

By far, acne scarring is a skin condition that many of us have to deal with. Pimples become infected and cells are damaged. Often they do not return to their original state causing scaring and stress. Sun exposure, picking and squeezing can increase your chances of scaring and slow down the healing process. Essentially, acne scars are due to a loss of skin and sub-tissue.

How can we treat acne scars? There are new medical technologies and products that you should know about. Depending on your acne scar condition, Dr. Bracci will advise on either a non-ablative laser (Fraxel re:fine) which will work to stimulate the production of collagen without damaging the skin’s surface or simple dermal filler injections may be used to fill in the indentations left by deep acne scars. Fillers can restore the contour (remove depressions) to return skin to a smoother appearance. These treatments are innovative because they work quickly and with little or no pain or downtime.

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