Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles

Horizontal Forehead Wrinkles

What are Horizontal/Forehead lines?

Horizontal lines are the lines that appear in the forehead area between the eyebrows and the hair line. These forehead lines are made up of two different components: a resting component (static line) and a movement component (dynamic lines.)

How do Horizontal/Forehead lines form?

Horizontal forehead lines (dynamic) are caused by movement in the the forehead area by the frontalis muscle, which causes elevation of our eyebrows. This repetitive muscular movement can lead to permanent changes, such as a (breakdown of skin and foundation underneath the skin) which lead to horizontal wrinkle lines.

Is there anything in particular that causes them to appear?

Aside from age, the most common cause of horizontal/forehead lines is repetitive movement of the forehead muscles. The appearance of these lines can be further accelerated by things such as weight loss, sun damage, and smoking.

How are Horizontal/Forehead lines treated?

The movement lines (muscular or dynamic wrinkles) are best treated with a wrinkle relaxer such as Botox or Xeomin. Treating horizontal/forehead lines with these medications is considered an off label use.

In contrast, Resting lines (static horizontal lines) may benefit from the application of a cosmetic filler. Use of a cosmetic filler to treat these resting lines may be considered an off label use of these products.

Looking for more information on Horizontal/Forehead lines?

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