Sagging Neck

As we age, the skin on our neck loses volume, causing the appearance of a sagging neck.

Read below to learn more about what causes our neck to skin to sag. For treatment information, visit the NeckRise™ page.

What Causes Our Neck to Sag?

What is the ‘Support Structure’ under the Neck?

How are the Neck and Jaw connected?

How do Neck folds compare to facial folds?

Can my lifestyle affect the skin on my neck?

What causes our neck to sag over time?

Sagging neck skin is caused by a natural process called Atrophy, or loss of the support system under the skin. As this support system loosens, the appearance of the face begins to look hollowed, and the skin on the neck appears to sag. When these support systems begin to fade, the ligaments and blood vessels in our neck begin to appear more prominently.

The skin on the neck is supported by areas above and below the neck, and ultimately affected by the structures in the face. The sagging of the neck skin is ultimately caused by a loss of support in both of these areas.

Tell me more about this structure…

We all have supportive structures under the skin that are lost over time. These supportive structures are made up of bone, muscle, fat, and connective tissue.

As we age, these supporting structures are depleted and therefore are able to provide less support for the skin. With the loss of these supporting structures, our skin begins to fold and the muscle bands in the neck, known as the platysma muscles, appear more prominently.

Is there any connection between my neck and my jaw?

Absolutely. The neck is directly supported by structures underneath the skin of the jaw area, such as the jaw bone and jaw muscles. The more these jaw structures deplete, the more the neck skin appears to sag.

Is the loss of these structures similar to the loss of volume in facial areas such as in the cheeks or under the eyes?

Yes, certain areas of the face lose more volume and support than other areas. For example, the mid face, known as the Malar area, typically undergoes a large loss of volume under the skin, resulting in sagging similar to what happens in the neck.

Can lifestyle habits affect cause neck skin to sag?

Definitely. Lifestyle and general health considerations affect how our skin ages. Any activity that is detrimental to one’s health will speed up atrophy (loss of support structures) and will make our skin fold differently. Things like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption will have metabolic changes that speed up the atrophy process and laxity of the skin.

Looking for more information on sagging neck treatments?

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