Vertical Forehead Lines

11 Lines/Vertical Forehead Lines

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What are 11 Lines?

Why do 11 lines form?

Why do some people get deeper 11 lines than others?

How are 11 lines best treated?

What are 11 Lines?

11 lines are the vertical lines that develop between the eyebrows.

Verve Laser - Before and after photo of 11 Lines skin treatment

Why do the 11 lines form?

11 lines, also referred to as “movement lines,” develop as a result of the muscular pull and movement from frowning. Over time, as we repetitively frown and make other facial expressions, the skin on our foreheads bends and folds, eventually forming permanent creases or indentations. These newly formed lines, known as “resting lines,” are essentially deep wrinkle lines that develop due to the loss of foundation under the skin. Essentially, the constant folding (movement) of the skin results in a mechanical breakdown of the foundation underneath the skin (base loss.)

Why do some people get deeper 11 lines than others?

Some people are just more expressive than others and use the muscles (Procerus and Corrugator) more. Moreover, some people simply have a different anatomy while others may have different lifestyle factors that lead to more foundation loss under the skin, such as excessive weight loss or smoking. Deep 11 lines can also be genetic, so it is not uncommon to see excessive 11 lines in different family members.

How are 11 lines best treated?

The forefront of treatment is to prevent movement in this area with the use of wrinkle relaxers such as Botox cosmetic or Xeomin. These medications will relax the muscles that cause movement and wrinkling in this area. Furthermore, the addition of a cosmetic filler may be applied to stretch out any resting lines. In essence, the wrinkle relaxers (Botox cosmetic or Xeomin) are used to block movement, while a cosmetic filler is used to restore the shape (re-support the base.)

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