Are the bags under your eyes indicating a health issue? | tips to get rid of bags under eyes

Are the Bags Under Your Eyes Indicating a Health Issue? | Tips to get rid of bags under eyes

Bags under your eyes are one of the most common problems we correct at VERVE Medical Cosmetics. There are multiple causes of under eye bags, but are there any health issues that may be indicated by bags under your eyes?  What Causes Bags Under Eyes?  Under eye bags are often associated with fatigue or aging, but can sometimes be indicative of underlying health issues. Their presence not only affects aesthetic appearance but may also serve as a subtle signal from the body about deeper health concerns. Understanding the potential health implications behind under eye bags is crucial for addressing both cosmetic and health-related aspects effectively. Fluid Retention and Kidney Function One of the common medical reasons for worsening bags around your eyes is fluid retention. This condition can be exacerbated by factors such as high salt intake, hormonal fluctuations, and poor sleep. However, persistent fluid retention, particularly in the under…

- what is a "snatched" jawline? - verve cosmetics nyc

What is a “Snatched” Jawline?

What is a “Snatched” Jawline?  There’s a lot of buzz online about achieving “snatched” jawlines and cheekbones. What exactly does this sought-after look  mean? Essentially, a snatched jawline or cheekbone just means to contour, tighten, and enhance the area with cosmetic filler injections. Jawline or masseter contouring procedures are very popular at Verve Medical Cosmetics in New York City, New Jersey and Miami. How Can I Get a Snatched Jawline or Contoured Jawline?  According to Dr. Stephen Bracci, Medical Director and leading cosmetic injector, explains two true ways of accomplishing this defined jawline look. The first  is removing tissue with a surgical procedure such as liposuction to heighten that differential and the second  is using a filler such as Radiesee, a cosmetic filler injection for jawline contouring. Softer fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Voluma are often less defining due to their soft nature.  Dr. Stephen Bracci advises the less…