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PRESS | Meet Renowned Non-Surgical Expert, Stephen P. Bracci MD, VERVE Medical Cosmetics

Dr. Stephen P. Bracci is featured in Bella Magazine and Bella Latina's May/June '23 "The Beauty of Pride" issue! Learn all about Dr. Bracci's expertise, artistry and his trademarked EyeRise & BaseLift procedures.

Dr. Stephen P. Bracci is featured in Bella Magazine and Bella Latina’s May/June ’23 “The Beauty of Pride” issue! Learn all about Dr. Bracci’s expertise, artistry and his trademarked EyeRise & BaseLift procedures.

Meet Renowned Non-Surgical Expert, Stephen P. Bracci MD, VERVE Medical Cosmetics

May 7, 2023 Written By Jennifer DeCillis

“Quiet luxury” is the new buzzphrase in fashion, and when it comes to beauty, the extraordinary results of aesthetic physician, Stephen P. Bracci, MD, founder of VERVE Medical Cosmetics, epitomize this concept. From the moment you enter one of his five private-practice studios, Dr. Bracci personalizes your treatment with his unsurpassed ability to combine outstanding technique with brilliant artistry.

Dr. Bracci’s pioneering, age-reversing, cosmetic injection methods promise results that turn back time. Drawing upon more than 23 years of experience, Dr. Bracci’s treatment of thousands of patients and his unique brand of cosmetic facial rejuvenation help him achieve optimal results for every one of his patients.

Verve Medical Cosmetics is one of the only aesthetic medicine practices solely dedicated to advanced and artistically driven cosmetic filler treatments. “My patients don’t want to look over done, they want to look younger, well-rested,” Dr. Bracci says. “Cosmetic injections are a form of artistry, and my practice is dedicated to this art form.”

So, call him the “non-surgical alternative to a plastic surgeon,” if you must. His passion is achieving the best results for his patients, using highly targeted sculpting techniques with cannula device injections. Dr. Bracci believes those who are considering plastic surgery should consider his trademark non-surgical injectable BaseLift™ and EyeRise™ treatments instead. The before-and-after results of these treatments are jaw-droppingly amazing, and his patients believe they are life-changing.

“Sagging skin begins with the loss of bone and tissue below the skin,” Dr. Bracci explains. “Why would you want to cut, stretch, or reposition this skin when you can now replace this loss with cosmetic fillers?” There isn’t a laser device or plastic surgery procedure that truly performs with more immediately visible, natural results and minimal downtime than Dr. Bracci’s trademark procedures.

Dr. Stephen Bracci founded Verve Medical Cosmetics in 1999 when the use of lasers for anti-aging and hair removal solutions was just emerging. In 2002, Botox Cosmetic, a wrinkle muscle relaxer, was introduced to the market, and his medical artistic palette was complete; he was on his way to creating life-changing results for his patients. Dr. Bracci considered it one of the best beauty discoveries on the planet and saw the possibilities of its use in anti-aging treatments.

VERVE is a highly advanced medical aesthetic studio focused on advanced facial rejuvenation with cosmetic injections; it is not a medical spa. Patients receive top-notch results in the hands of an expert artist who is truly focused and talented. This is the unique non-surgical brand of Dr. Stephen Bracci.

In 2012, Dr. Bracci witnessed the results of his technique for under-eye bag removal—they provided longer-lasting results than most procedures. His understanding of the individual anatomy of the under-eye area, coupled with his understanding of the medical outcomes of different injectables, led to the decision to give his brand of procedures names. The result—EyeRise™ for the removal of under-eye bags and dark circles, and BaseLift™—the non-surgical facelift. The names of these two procedures provide patients a clear understanding of what they will receive and what their results will be.

Dr. Stephen Bracci received his medical degree from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He trained in anesthesiology at Yale Medical School and physical medicine at NYU.

Dr. Bracci is an advocate of staying healthy and living longer. Regular exercise and a largely plant-based diet are a part of Dr. Bracci’s lifestyle, and he encourages others to make them part of theirs. His podcast, “Ageless Rage: Conversations You Wish You Were Having with Your Doctor,” can be heard wherever podcasts are available. His private studios, VERVE Medical Cosmetics, are located in

New York City, Bergen County, New Jersey, Irvington, Westchester, Garden City, Long Island and Brickell, Miami.

For more information, visit; follow @VerveMedicalCosmetics on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube; or call 212-888-3003.

Article Written By Jennifer DeCillis Published at on May 7, 2023