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Dr. Stephen Bracci is thrilled to be featured in  Learn how to prepare now to achieve a summer of healthy & happy skin!


Discovering the secret to healthy skin: VERVE Medical Cosmetics

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Want to achieve a summer of health and happy skin?

Don’t just focus on your skincare routine, because the secret to healthy skin lies within your body. It’s time to give some love to your vital organs and internal functions that are crucial to skin health. Start by taking care of your gut health, improving your cardiovascular and muscular strength. Don’t forget, your skin also has its own microbiome, and avoiding excessive use of skincare products and makeup can go a long way in maintaining its health. And when it comes to sunscreen, don’t stop there! Adding more plants to your diet, exercising regularly, and allowing your skin to breathe will give you that extra boost for a radiant, healthy glow. Of course, it’s always important to check with your doctor to ensure these tips are right for you.

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