Are the bags under your eyes indicating a health issue? | tips to get rid of bags under eyes

Are the Bags Under Your Eyes Indicating a Health Issue? | Tips to get rid of bags under eyes

Bags under your eyes are one of the most common problems we correct at VERVE Medical Cosmetics. There are multiple causes of under eye bags, but are there any health issues that may be indicated by bags under your eyes?  What Causes Bags Under Eyes?  Under eye bags are often associated with fatigue or aging, but can sometimes be indicative of underlying health issues. Their presence not only affects aesthetic appearance but may also serve as a subtle signal from the body about deeper health concerns. Understanding the potential health implications behind under eye bags is crucial for addressing both cosmetic and health-related aspects effectively. Fluid Retention and Kidney Function One of the common medical reasons for worsening bags around your eyes is fluid retention. This condition can be exacerbated by factors such as high salt intake, hormonal fluctuations, and poor sleep. However, persistent fluid retention, particularly in the under…

Is there a difference in treatment options for under-eye bags vs dark circles?

Different Treatment Options for Under-Eye Bags VS Dark Circles?

Is there a difference in treatment options for under-eye bags vs dark circles? Yes – however often having under eye bags is the cause of worsening pigmentation in the under eye area . So in many cases treating the under eye bags will improve the darkness under the eyes . Less commonly the pigmentation and dark circles is a medically related or a skin condition.  What Causes Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles Under-eye bags are frequently most characterized by the loss of supportive structures beneath the skin, contributing to creases and darkness in the under-eye area. This loss of under-skin supportive structures, notably muscle, bone, and fat loss or repositioning, plays a major role in the development of eye bags. Under-eye bags are synonymous with puffy eyes, dark circles, and a tired appearance around the eyes, resulting from a variety of factors.  Aging can also lead to the loss…

How does smoking affect under eye bags and dark circles?

How Does Smoking Affect Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles?

Smoking, a habit fraught with a multitude of adverse health effects, significantly impacts the appearance of under-eye bags and may cause dark circles, primarily through its detrimental effects on various bodily systems. Understanding how smoking contributes to the development and exacerbation of bags under the eyes requires an exploration of its wide-ranging influence on the body’s cardiovascular, immunologic, and lymphatic systems, along with its impact on the nervous system, and the structural components of the skin, including muscle, bone, and fat, especially as they relate to the under-eye area. Cardiovascular Impact Smoking has a profound effect on the cardiovascular system, impairing blood circulation throughout the body. Nicotine, a potent vasoconstrictor found in cigarettes, narrows blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the skin. This diminished circulation deprives the skin of essential nutrients and oxygen, leading to a decrease in collagen production and a reduction in the skin’s elasticity. The under-eye area,…

9 lifestyle changes that can get rid of bags under eyes

9 Lifestyle Changes That Can Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

Under-eye bags and dark circles are related to volume changes that deepen the crease under the eyes, often making the area appear darker. The under-eye support system, consisting of fat, muscle, and bone, can be disrupted by time, age, and lifestyle choices. Loss of any of these tissues can lead to increased creasing. Genetics and aging, alongside lifestyle and health, are significant factors in the shape and creases under the eyes. Additionally, the under-eye area has a lymphatic drainage system, which plays a role in fluid retention, balance, and immune function. Impacts on this system, hydration levels, or immune response can affect the under-eye shape and crease. Common lifestyle changes affecting under-eye shape and creasing include: Diet and Nutrition: Excessive salt intake can affect body hydration and increase puffiness. A Mediterranean, whole plant-based diet with minimal meat, processed, or packaged foods is beneficial and may help reduce the appearance of…

How do i choose the right treatment for my under-eye bags?

How Do I Choose the Right Treatment for my Under-Eye Bags?

Selecting the optimal treatment to minimize the appearance of under-eye bags requires an understanding of the causes and evaluating the benefits of available treatments. The EyeRise under-eye filler method stands out as an effective solution for those looking to rejuvenate and restore the youthful appearance of the area around the eye, avoiding  more invasive and permanent surgical procedures like blepharoplasty.  READ MORE: Blepharoplasty vs Filler: Choosing the Right Solution for Under-Eyes and Tear Trough Understanding Under-Eye Bags and Their Causes Under-eye bags are mainly attributed to the loss of supportive structures beneath the skin, leading to wrinkles, creases and darkness. This deterioration of under-skin structures, including muscle, bone, and fat, is a key factor in eye bag formation. These bags are associated with puffiness, dark circles, and a fatigued appearance, exacerbated by aging, fluid retention, lack of sleep, allergies, and genetics. As the supportive structure weakens, the skin’s elasticity and…

Under eye filler treatment options: everything you need to know

Under Eye Filler Treatment Options: Everything You Need to Know

There are many different approaches and prices for removing under eye bags and dark circles with  fillers. Why is that? The range is so wide due to many different factors such as buying an individual filler VS a comprehensive treatment plan, type of filler, the provider’s experience, and more.  Single fillers can be priced at $1,000 or less while using multiple fillers per side over multiple visits can cost several thousands of dollars in the cost of the dermal fillers alone, but allows for a more comprehensive and natural result.  Dr. Stephen Bracci has been treating under eye bags for more than 20 years and is one of the leading experts in the field. The under eye area is one of the most difficult areas of the face to treat with fillers and commands years of experience and a large volume of successful treatments. Under Eye Filler Treatment Area How…

The Gloss Reviews EyeRise™

TheGloss.com recently gave a big thumbs up to Verve Medical Cosmetics’ EyeRise™ procedure!  EyeRise™ corrects eye bags and other eye area aging by utilizing a flexible medical instrument called a cannula instead of a needle. The EyeRise technique is virtually painless and avoids the trauma and bruising of a needle. Interested in learning more?  Schedule a free consultation.

Eyerise Can Wipe That Tired Look Off Your Face

There is nothing like getting that unwelcomed anti-compliment. “You look tired.” At one time, a good night’s rest would have wiped that exhausted look right off your face. Now not as much. Why you may ask? Well, kiddo we will give it to you straight. Unfortunately, your eyes are not the windows for your soul. If they were you would look like the age you feel inside instead of a reflection of your advancing maturity. Thankfully, we all have the option these days to age youthfully. Dr Stephen Bracci’s trademarked EyeRise procedure restores the contours around the eyes that age has taken away. Using Juvederm, a medical cosmetic filler, eye bags, hollowness, and dark circles are quickly erased leaving the patient with a fresher more youthful-looking appearance. And the best news is, the treatment requires little to no downtime.  This is because we skip the sharp needles and use micro…

Valentine's Day Make-Over

Be your own sweetheart this Valentine’s Day by giving yourself the wrinkle zapping makeover you deserve! Here is the skinny; you can’t eliminate the signs of aging with an over the counter cream. Only the best beauty innovations of the century, which includes Botox Cosmetic and Dermal Fillers, can reverse the ravages of time without cutting the skin. But to achieve optimum results—you have to pick the right doctor. At Verve we only offer state of the art medical cosmetic solutions including our trademarked EyeRise procedure with Juvederm performed by Dr Stephen Bracci. We have the expert know how to send wrinkles, eye bags, and sun damaged skin packing. Call to make a free consultation today. The only thing you have to loose is a few years just in time for Valentine’s Day.