Laser hair removal

Get Ready, Spring is Here!

It is time to toss the socks, hang up the coat, and give your winter shoes the boot. Spring is here and it is time to switch out everything from your skincare to clothes. Below are a few tips we gathered from around the web to help you change gears for the warm weather ahead! Web MD wants to show you how to pamper your skin so you can start the season with your best face forward. SheKnows understands that spring means switching up everything from skincare to diet – check out their blueprint for success. 40PlusStyle thinks every woman should stand up straight.  Check out their tips on how to improve your posture. Fashionising is providing a little hair inspiration for those looking to change up their locks this season. Psssst, this is a good time to also book your next laser hair removal session. Have a tip or…

You Left Your Hair On! Laser Hair Removal

Have you been in this prickly situation? You’re showing a little skin and suddenly you realize you left your hair on… You forgot to wax, pluck, or shave! Instead of having your usual smooth, luminous skin, you’re covered in stubble! Pretty embarrassing… For over 12 years, Verve Medical Cosmetics have been Laser Hair Removal obsessed.  Our clients are like you.. they don’t want to get into one of those prickly situations but unlike you, they don’t have to wax, shave, pluck OR be embarrassed again. Call to schedule an appointment so you will be prickly free by summertime!

The Laser Hair Removal Diaries

One of our favorite bloggers decided it was time to take care of her “pesky body and, yes, facial hair” with a laser treatment at Verve. Read about her laser hair removal experience in her two-part piece, “The Laser Hair Removal Diaries”.