Belotero Balance®

What Is Belotero Balance®?

Belotero Balance (often referred to as Belotero) is an injectable cosmetic filler gel made from hyaluronic acid (HA) that is injected into the skin. Belotero works to fill in lines and wrinkles in the skin by evenly integrating into the skin tissue to recreate the natural facial contours lost due to the decreased collagen production and elasticity caused by aging. Belotero(™) is used in Dr. Stephen Bracci’s Verve Medical Cosmetics Studio in New York City, New Jersey and Westchester for the EyeRise (™)

What Is Belotero Balance® Used For?

Belotero is used to replenish lost volume that results in wrinkles and fine lines in areas of the face, usually the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, vertical lip lines, and smile lines. By integrating with the skin tissue, Belotero is able to fill in the skin’s wrinkles and creases and effectively smooth the skin.

How Is Belotero Balance® Priced?

Belotero filler is sold by the syringe or part of an overall treatment.

How Long Does Belotero Balance® Last?

Belotero treatments usually last 6 months, but its duration can be for more or less time in different individuals.


20 Years Experience

Dr. Stephen Bracci has dedicated his practice to cosmetic injectables and does not believe in the one-filler-type fits-all approach.

Mutlifacted Approach

Drawing on his extensive knowledge, Dr. Bracci personalizes each patient's treatment to add back support around the under-eye area so that each patient looks natural and untouched.


Dr. Bracci and Verve’s philosophy is that the undereye area and midface is a centerpiece to the aesthetics of the entire face.

Why Choose EyeRise™

Clients choose EyeRise because of Verve’s unique technique, experience, and dedication to obtain natural-looking results without surgery.


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