Immerse the Dermis with Injectables to Achieve Beautiful, Younger Skin.

What is DermImmersion™?

DermImmersion™ is a technique developed by aesthetic medicine specialist, Dr. Stephen Bracci, to stimulate your body to produce better skin. DermImmersion™ is offered exclusively at the Verve studios in New York City and Bergen County, NJ. The DermImmersion™ treatment is accomplished with high-intensity injections of fillers targeted specifically in the dermis layer of the skin.

What Can DermImmersion™ Accomplish?

Ultimately, the DermImmersion™ treatment results in skin that appears younger through biostimulation (growth and repair of skin). Biostimulation leads to a thicker dermis layer as well as softer, more hydrated skin. The effects of these direct dermal skin injections have long-lasting effects of up to a year.

Why Is DermImmersion™ Different From Traditional Filler Injections?

DermImmersion™ stimulates the skin to build and repair itself with a high-intensity immersion of fillers into the dermal layer (dermis) of the skin. Traditional filler injections are applied in the deeper layer under the skin for skin support, not for direct skin stimulation.

What Results Can I Expect From DermImmersion™?

DermImmersion™ bathes and immerses the skin with biostimulatory filler products to maximize the growth of improved skin. The DermImmersion™ treatment by Dr. Stephen Bracci provides results that are effective in treating fine lines, hydrating the skin, softening the texture and ultimately obtaining a more youthful appearance.
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