Vimage™ Consultation


Beauty in the Eyes of the Experts

Vimage™ at Verve Medical Cosmetics is a unique beauty consultation service that fuses the “visual” and “image” aspects of anti-aging in the new age of non-surgical aesthetics. A Vimage™ consultation is free and simple.

What is a Vimage™ Consultation?

In a 10 minute consultation, the aesthetic experts at Verve will discuss your personal goals for facial anti-aging. Whether it’s moderate to severe wrinkle lines or sagging skin, a non-surgical solution may be available. A Verve aesthetic consultant will discuss your problem areas and educate you on possible solutions or treatments for those areas.

Why have a Vimage™ Consultation?

Since the 1990’s, Dr. Stephen Bracci has been solely dedicated to non-surgical aesthetics. He is an expert in the art of dermal fillers as well as muscle relaxers, such as Botox Cosmetic. Dr. Bracci’s treatments provide the most natural results and are tailored to fit each client’s personal needs. The goal is to replace lost volume and restore the face to what it once was — a refreshed approach without changing the composition of the face.

A Vimage™ consultation introduces you to the latest non-surgical medical solutions that are quick and that provide the most immediate results.

Click here to view our Before and After galleries. For a complimentary Vimage™ consultation, schedule online here or call us at (212) 888-3003.

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