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Sagging Brows


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Sagging Eyebrows

What are Sagging Brows?

How do sagging eyebrows form?

Is there anything in particular that causes them to appear?

How are sagging brows treated?

What are Sagging Brows?

Sagging brows are the appearance of the eyebrow hanging down closer to the upper eyelids.

How do sagging eyebrows form?

Sagging eyebrows are caused by the loss of foundation or support below the skin. As in other sections of the face, this loss of volume below the skin results in the falling or drooping of skin.

Is there anything in particular that causes them to appear?

In addition to aging, sagging eyebrows may be related to genetics weight loss, smoking and sun damage.

How are sagging brows treated?

The two main ways to non surgically treat sagging eyebrows are first wrinkle relaxers, such as Botox or Xeomin, (in an off label application) to relax the forehead muscles. With this wrinkle relaxer method, the brows may be made to arch laterally by accentuating the lateral muscular pull of the forehead muscles. The goal is to achieve a more laterally arched eyebrow appearance and, hence, achieving a brow lift.

In the second method of treatment, cosmetic fillers may be applied to aid in the support of the under-surface of the skin in the forehead area (BrowRise™ ), effectively lifting the brows. This may also be considered an off label application of fillers.

Looking for more information on sagging brows treatments?

Visit our Treatments page to learn about BrowRise, our signature treatment, or use our online form to Schedule a Free Consultation.

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