The Benefits of a Whole-Plant Diet 

With all the diets and advice out there, the healthiest eating plan choice you can make is a diet based on whole plant foods. Whole-plants are the basis of the Mediterranean diet; this eating plan also consists of whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, spices, and olive oil. Countless studies demonstrate whole plants are better than … Continued


Your eyebrows serve a purpose beyond beauty; playing an important role in non-verbal communication and are an important element in face recognition. Moreover, eyebrows keep us dry, shielding our eyes from rain and perspiration by diverting water from our foreheads and away from our eyes. Yes, you may have thick full brows when you are … Continued

Eyebag Treatments: 5 Options

There are many approaches to treating under eye bags. Medical based treatments like cosmetic fillers or surgery provide more long-term solutions while less expensive home remedies provide only partial or temporary relief. Under-eye bags form as we age because our skin sags and folds as we lose the bone, muscle, and fat below the skin, … Continued

Working From Home: The Ultimate Break-Up From Makeup

One of the benefits of working from home these days is that we don’t need to wear makeup. The short term benefits of makeup, concealing the flaws in our skin, is what makes makeup appealing. However, wearing liquid and powder makeup on a regular basis worsens those flaws in the long run. Is makeup healthy … Continued


Maintaining a healthy Vitamin D level provides a range of health benefits including good bone health, a strong immune system and reduced inflammation. What is the best way to get Vitamin D, naturally or through supplements, and what is a healthy level? Below we answer five important questions about Vitamin D. What is Vitamin D? … Continued

The Cost of Under Eye Fillers: What Am I Paying For?

The cost of under eye fillers can range from hundreds of dollars for a partial treatment to thousands of dollars for comprehensive results. Under eye fillers are the most difficult injectable treatment to master, and achieving natural-looking results requires working with an experienced provider who can customize a treatment plan for you. When you choose … Continued

Under Eye Bag Treatments: 5 Facts You Need To Know

Before you start spending money on over-the-counter under eye bag treatments, concealers and tea bags, it is important to understand the cause of under eye bags and the medical treatments options available. 1. What Really Causes Under Eye Bags? The main reason we develop under eye bags is a loss of supportive foundational structures below … Continued
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