Different Treatment Options for Under-Eye Bags VS Dark Circles?

Is there a difference in treatment options for under-eye bags vs dark circles? Yes – however often having under eye bags is the cause of worsening pigmentation in the under eye area . So in many cases treating the under eye bags will improve the darkness under the eyes . Less commonly the pigmentation and dark circles is a medically related or a skin condition. 

What Causes Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

Under-eye bags are frequently most characterized by the loss of supportive structures beneath the skin, contributing to creases and darkness in the under-eye area. This loss of under-skin supportive structures, notably muscle, bone, and fat loss or repositioning, plays a major role in the development of eye bags. Under-eye bags are synonymous with puffy eyes, dark circles, and a tired appearance around the eyes, resulting from a variety of factors. 

Aging can also lead to the loss of collagen and elastin, fluid retention,  and is also related to lack of sleep, allergies, and is worsened by genetic predisposition. 

As the skin around the eye loses its supportive structure from below the skin, the eye bag creases are a main result. Furthermore, the skin’s elasticity and firmness lessen with aging, and the lower eyelid may begin to accumulate excess skin and fat shifts , leading to pronounced bags under the eyes.

Pigmentation can also be a stand alone condition without eye bags  in such a case the skin may benefit from treatments or medical treatments for medical conditions that may be causing inflammation to be treated. For example, treatments for skin pigmentation  can include micro needling, chemical peels, micro needling with RF , lasers or topical medications such as bleaching creams or anti-inflammatory medications.

Medical conditions, such as hormonal, endocrine or diabetes related conditions may be associated factor in the appearance of dark circles and bags around your eyes.  

Makeup can offer a quick fix for hiding under-eye bags, but it’s a temporary solution that doesn’t tackle the root cause of the issue. While concealer and foundation might mask the shadows and lines for a while, they simply cover up the surface signs without improving the skin’s underlying structure. In fact, relying heavily on makeup for this purpose can have its downsides, such as potential allergic reactions or irritation in the sensitive under-eye area, which might actually worsen the appearance of bags or puffiness over time.

Moreover, frequent makeup use can disrupt the skin’s natural microbiome—the community of microorganisms that protects and maintains skin health—leading to further skin issues and possibly speeding up aging around the eyes. This is particularly concerning given the delicate nature of under-eye skin and its susceptibility to damage.

For those looking for a more lasting and skin-friendly solution to under-eye bags, considering treatments that directly address the structural causes is a smarter approach. Procedures like the EyeRise™ filler technique, which lifts and smooths the under-eye area from within, can provide a more natural, rested look without the drawbacks associated with daily makeup application. This method not only reduces the need for cosmetic concealment but also supports the skin’s health and appearance in the long term, offering a more sustainable and effective alternative to merely hiding the problem with makeup

Treatment Options for Under-Eye Bags and Dark Circles

The main choices for treating under eyebags is through a surgical procedure called Blepharoplasty , or a non surgical under  eye filler procedure, such as Eyerise 

The EyeRise method, a cosmetic filler treatment, specifically targets the root cause of under-eye bags by replenishing lost volume and tightening and lifting the skin closer to its original resting position . Utilizing a combination of hyaluronic acid filler for the tear trough and a firmer filler such as Radiesse for the midface, this method offers a holistic non-surgical solution to diminish the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles.

Most often the appearance of underdrive bags is related to both zones the tear trough zone, and also the midface zone ( malar area ) – best results come from treating both areas together. 

  • Minimally Invasive: Contrary to blepharoplasty, which entails cutting, removing, or repositioning tissues and necessitates a much longer recovery time, the Eyerise method is minimally invasive, ensuring a more immediate return to daily activities post-treatment. Customizable Treatment EyeRise fillers can be precisely tailored to meet the individual needs of each person, addressing the unique contours of their under-eye area to achieve natural-looking results. 
  • Restores Volume: By directly addressing the loss of supportive structures beneath the skin, such as bone and muscle, the Eyerise method effectively reduces the shadow effect contributing to dark circles, enhancing the overall shape, texture, and firmness of the skin around the eye.
  •  Under-eye Filler Results: These resultscan be enhanced with multiple EyeRise filler visits to maximize the effectiveness. Immediate Results Patients often observe a noticeable improvement in the appearance of under-eye bags right after the initial procedure, with results that can endure up to a year or more, contingent on individual skin factors and lifestyle.  Dermal cosmetic fillers are well-tolerated  by the body and safe , rendering the risk of allergic reactions and permanent adverse effects exceedingly rare. 

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Choosing the Right Dark Circle and Under-Eye Treatment

When determining the most appropriate approach for treating under-eye bags, it’s essential to consult with a specialist who focuses specifically on plastic surgery for the eye area, ideally one who limits there practice to plastic surgery in this area or a provider who is dedicated to cosmetic fillers, ideally one who has dedicated their practice to injectables and specializes in the under eye area.

These separate specialists can provide insightful recommendations tailored to your specific condition and desired outcomes, whether surgical or non-surgical approaches are chosen. Assessing Your Needs If your primary concerns revolve around under-eye bags, dark circles, and a tired appearance, the Eyerise method might offer the transformative results you seek. Considering Your Lifestyle For individuals inclined to avoid the downtime associated with surgery, the less invasive filler treatments like Eyerise present an appealing alternative. Long-Term Goals It’s crucial to ascertain whether you’re in pursuit of a temporary enhancement such as makeup, a long-lasting but adjustable approach such as the Eyerise filler technique, or permanent change through surgical solutions. 

While fillers provide lasting yet non-permanent results, they offer a viable means to receive significant changes to the under-eye area prior to making permanent changes with  surgical interventions.

In summary, the Eyerise under-eye filler method is recognized as a versatile, safe, and efficacious treatment for mitigating the appearance of under-eye bags and revitalizing the eye area. By confronting the loss of supportive structures and ameliorating skin quality, this method furnishes a substantiated solution for individuals desiring to achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance without undergoing surgery. Ultimately, the decision regarding treatment should be made following a consultation with a qualified professional who can guide you towards the optimal choice for your individual needs and aspirations, guaranteeing the most favorable outcome

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Can under-eye bags return after treatment? 

Yes, cosmetic fillers are designed to an enhanced support system under the eye and are adjustable overtime. It is recommended that fillers be repeated on an annual basis to maintain the best results.

Wil cosmetic surgery only be required once?

Cosmetic surgery, such as blepharoplasty will need surgical adjustments in the future as they’ll be a continuous aging process and loss of supportive structures, as time goes on. 

Is EyeRise or fillers an option if I have had eye bag removal surgery?

Yes, most patients can still receive an EyeRise filler treatment even if you’ve received a blepharoplasty procedure. 

Are dark circles always a sign of aging?

 In most cases, dark circles are related to the loss of supportive structures under the skin and related to increased creasing under the eyes. However dark circles can be related to a host of medical conditions, and or dermatologic conditions.

How long does the EyeRise method’s effect last? 

The eye rise method is recommended to be repeated on an annual basis.

Can lifestyle changes reduce the appearance of under-eye bags or dark circles? 

Yes, lifestyle variables, such as sleep nutrition with a Whole Foods plant-based diet, fitness, cardiovascular and muscle strength, as well as avoidance of toxins from alcohol, tobacco and marijuana go a long way in improving circulation and health related to eyebags.

Is blepharoplasty a better option than filler treatments for severe under-eye bags? 

That eye-rise technique is quite effective for most severe under-eye bag cases – so Blepharoplasty is not always necessary

Can I use makeup to cover dark circles if I have under-eye fillers? 

Yes, makeup can be applied, but the goal is to rest the skin under the eyes so the crease is lessened and there is less darkness under the eyes. The goal is to wake up to no makeup.

How can I tell if my dark circles are due to pigmentation or shadowing?

The best way to tell if dark circles are related to pigment or shadowing is to see a professional that addresses my area all day long such as a dedicated under eye, filler specialist, or an ocular plastic surgeon.

Is the EyeRise method suitable for all skin types? 

Yes, the EyeRise method is is not treating the skin, but the foundation under the skin, and so it can treat all skin types.

Can under-eye treatments help with fine lines and wrinkles as well?

By applying fillers under the eye in the tear trough, and the midface, the goal is to reduce the crease and bags under the eyes. In doing, so there may be improvements in the fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes, but fine lines and wrinkles may need to be addressed separately.

What are the risks associated with under-eye filler treatments? 

The main risk for under eye fillers are bruising and swelling. It’s always advisable to look at all the risks of fillers with your medical physician.