Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the process of using a light-based device, such as a single wavelength laser or an Intense Pulse Light system (broad spectrum light device), to selectively heat and damage hair follicles and, ultimately, preventing the hair follicle from growing again. Laser/IPL hair removal treatments work to heat and destroy the hair follicles without damaging the skin.

How are Laser/IPL hair removal treatments performed?

Laser hair removal treatments are performed by using a machine known as a Light sheer Diode that applies an intense light source to the skin underneath the hair, which in turn heats the hair follicles. At the same time that the light heats the hair follicles, a cooling mechanism is applied to the skin to reduce overheating and burning. Laser/IPL hair removal treatments are generally performed in sessions, with at least 3 weeks in between each session. The goal with each successive Laser/IPL session is to damage and destroy more and more hair follicles. Most clients choose at least 6-8 treatments to see satisfactory results.

How are the most effective Laser/IPL treatments performed?

Besides selecting the correct laser for one’s skin type, the single most important variable is the provider’s selection fluence, or energy level. Each person, as well as body part, will have a small, optimal range of fluence for each visit. Selecting a lower than optimal fluence will result in reduced effectiveness of the treatment, whereas selecting a higher than optimal fluence will lead to overheating of the skin and even burning. Generally, thicker/darker hair responds better to treatment than does thinner/lighter hair. Because of the different ways that hair responds to these treatments, some clients benefit far more from laser/IPL hair removal than others.

How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

Depending on where you go, prices may vary based on the size of the treatment area. Many clients benefit from treatment packages and our specials. Prices are similar to waxing by area such as $149 for a bikini line or $299 for full bikini treatment. However, depending on you skin, laser provides permanent reduction per session, less pain, and does not require that you wait for your hair to grow back for the next treatment. The cost benefits provide a long-term life-style benefit you can’t achieve with waxing.

How long do results from Laser/IPL hair removal treatments last?

The goal of laser hair removal is to permanently reduce the number of remaining hair follicles. Most clients see consistent improvement in the number and size of the hairs after a series of laser treatments, while some clients will choose to maintain or improve the results with some follow up treatment visits.

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