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Cosmetic Conditions

At VERVE Medical Cosmetics, Dr. Stephen Bracci is solely dedicated to the core practice of advanced non-surgical cosmetic injection techniques that deliver a combination of the most natural and immediate results with the least amount of downtime. His treatments for facial wrinkles, sagging skin, and under eye bags are based on 23 years of practice in non-surgical cosmetic medicine. The results speak for themselves.

Eye Bags generally appear when we lose foundation under our skin: namely bone, muscle and fat as we age. Some people have a genetic component to the creases under the
The lines that appear in the forehead between the eyebrows and the hairline. There are two different components of forehead lines: a resting component (static line) and a movement component
Depending on your acne scar condition, Dr. Bracci will advise on either a non-ablative laser (Fraxel re:fine) which will work to stimulate the production of collagen without damaging the skin’s
Starting to notice wrinkles around your eyes? Don’t worry, we can help! These small lines, known as Crow’s Feet, appear as a result of the loss of elasticity within the
Sagging cheeks form as we age and as we lose the foundation under the skin in the midface. Cosmetic fillers are injected into the area to add back the lost
Upper and bottom lips can be plumped with a series of cosmetic fillers injections that add volume. A non-surgical lip filler treatment is performed using cosmetic fillers that are derived
The creases that run from the edges of the nose to the sides of the mouth, also known as smile lines because when smiling, these creases become much more pronounced
Dr. Stephen Bracci with over 24 years cosmetic practice in New York, NJ and Miami, provides expert artistic non-surgical liquid filler rhinoplasty as an alternative to more invasive plastic surgery
Neck sagging and chin area fat are often caused by a natural process called atrophy, or loss of the support system under the skin. The skin on the neck and
Age spots are spots on the skin that have increased pigmentation due to sun exposure. These skin spots are variable in color and range from reddish to brownish, and sometimes
Melasma is a skin condition that leads to dark, hyper-pigmented areas of the face. Melasma typically develops around the upper areas of the cheeks, lips, nose and forehead.
Also known as laugh lines, these are the lines or creases that appear at the corners of the mouth and extend downward. The loss of support under the skin in
11 lines also referred to as “frown lines” or “movement lines” develop due to the muscular pull and movement from frowning and other facial expressions. These movements cause the skin
Sagging cheeks develop as we age. The main cause of sagging cheeks is the loss of foundation under the skin in the midface, which can also be thought of as

Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

- cosmetic conditions - verve cosmetics nyc

Eye Bags generally appear when we lose foundation under our skin: namely bone, muscle and fat as we age. Some people have a genetic component to the creases under the eyes, which only gets more pronounced with time and age. Dark Circles are caused by the deepening creases in the skin below the eye in which light reflects off of. The deeper the under eye crease becomes, the more light is reflected off of, and the darker the skin appears. The EyeRise™, available only at VERVE, is a non-surgical procedure using a more advanced alternative to the needle called a cannula device. This advanced treatment includes a combination of carefully placed cosmetic fillers in both the tear trough and surrounding area of the mid-face. Learn more about EyeRise. LEARN MORE.

Full Facial Sagging

- cosmetic conditions - verve cosmetics nyc

Facial sagging occurs when we lose foundation and volume or base below the skin. This loss of support leads to our skin to fold and sag.    A non-surgical BaseLift™, exclusively at VERVE, can replace much of the volume and support in the lost area by artistically and skillfully sculpting the face back to its original position using a combination of dermal filler injections. LEARN MORE