- before & after results - verve cosmetics nyc

Before & After Results

Restore The Natural Shape Of Your Face With No Cutting, Or Removal Of Tissue.

- before & after results - verve cosmetics nyc

The EyeRise™, available only at VERVE, is a non-surgical procedure using a more advanced alternative to the needle called a cannula device. This advanced treatment includes a combination of carefully placed cosmetic fillers in both the tear trough and surrounding area of the mid-face. Learn more about EyeRise. 

- before & after results - verve cosmetics nyc

A non-surgical BaseLift™, exclusively at VERVE, can replace much of the volume and support in the lost area by artistically and skillfully sculpting the face back to its original position using a combination of dermal filler injections. LEARN MORE.

Nasolabial & Marionette

Nasolabial Folds are the creases that run from the edges of the nose to the sides of the mouth, and are also known as smile lines. Marionette Lines or creases that appear at the corners of the mouth and extend downward, and are also known as laugh lines.

Jawline Neck Contouring

Jawline Contouring/Facial Slimming is achieved by correcting a sagging jawline and jowls with cosmetic injectables is an effective way to better contour your face without making major changes.

11 Lines & Forehead Lines

The lines that appear in the forehead between the eyebrows and the hairline. The lines have two different components: a resting component (static line) and a movement component (dynamic lines).

Crows Feet

Crow’s Feet The leading causes of these small lines that appear around the corners of the eye are the movement of the skin while squinting and smiling.