Cost of Radiesse and Sculptra Buttocks Injections | Sculptra Butt Lift

Radiesse and Sculptra are preferred for buttocks augmentation due to the substantial amount of product required, which is typically offered at a significant discount compared to facial applications. These fillers, known for producing excellent results in augmenting the buttocks, are most effective when the correct techniques and amounts are used.

Pricing at Verve Medical Cosmetics Verve Medical Cosmetics in NY, NJ, and Miami specializes in injectables, offering competitive pricing for buttocks augmentation. The cost for Sculptra starts at $499 per vial, with discounts of $450 per vial for larger procedures. Radiesse begins at $450 per syringe, discounted to $350 for extensive treatments.

How Much Does a Sculptra Butt Lift Cost 

Sculptra Injections for the Buttocks Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid to stimulate collagen production, gradually enhancing buttocks volume and skin texture. In New York City, Sculptra treatment starts at $700 or more per vial, with the price decreasing to around $500 per vial for larger procedures. This tiered pricing accommodates various individual needs and reflects the customized approach to achieving aesthetic goals.

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NOTE: This blog was written in March 2024. Pricing may change based on when you are reading this

Radiesse Butt Injections 

Radiesse Injections for the Buttocks Radiesse provides immediate volume and stimulates ongoing collagen production with its calcium hydroxylapatite formula. New York City pricing for Radiesse starts at about $600 per syringe, with potential reductions to $400 per syringe for extensive procedures. This flexibility allows broader access to Radiesse treatments, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and budgets.

Injectable BBL Process and Expectations 

Navigating the Cost Landscape Pricing varies based on the number of vials or syringes needed, reflecting the tailored nature of buttocks enhancements. Cost factors include the desired augmentation extent, baseline buttocks volume and shape, and treatment goals.

A comprehensive consultation is vital to assess suitability, discuss aesthetic goals, and develop a personalized treatment plan. This discussion should cover pricing, anticipated results, and session numbers to provide a clear understanding of the investment required.

Dermal Filler Brazilian Butt Lift Conclusion and Next Steps

Customized Enhancements Sculptra and Radiesse injections offer a personalized approach to buttocks enhancement, allowing for significant aesthetic improvements while aligning with individual goals and lifestyles. Whether seeking gradual volume build-up with Sculptra or immediate effects with Radiesse, patients in New York City can access tailored treatments promising aesthetic enhancement and satisfaction.

Final Thoughts The cost of Sculptra and Radiesse buttocks injections presents as a range, reflecting the customized nature of each treatment plan. Prospective patients are encouraged to have in-depth consultations with their practitioners to fully explore the possibilities and financial aspects of buttocks enhancements with Sculptra and Radiesse.

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What is the average cost of Radiesse and Sculptra buttocks injections?

The cost of Radiesse buttocks injections can vary depending on the volume of filler needed, the provider’s expertise, and geographical location. Prices typically start from $600 per syringe of Radiesse and $700 per vial of Sculptra in New York City – however, discounts are common with larger treatments.

How many Radiesse injections will I need for buttock augmentation?

The number of injections needed depends on the desired results and the current shape of your buttocks. Your provider will create a treatment plan during the initial consultation to estimate the number of syringes required. it is not uncommon to select 6 to 10 syringes of Radiesse for an initial buttocks treatment .

Is Sculptra more expensive than Radiesse for buttock enhancement?

Sculpture may be more expensive than Radiesse due to higher product cost.   However, Sculptra tends to be a longer-lasting filler and might be more costly upfront but can offer longer-term value.

Are buttocks injections of Radiesse or Sculptra covered by insurance?

Cosmetic injections for buttock augmentation are generally not covered by insurance as they are considered elective off-label procedures.

Can I finance the cost of Radiesse or Sculptra buttocks injections?

Many providers offer financing options or payment plans to help make the treatment more affordable. Be sure to ask your provider about available financing options.

How long do the results from Radiesse or Sculptra buttocks injections last?

Results can vary; Radiesse effects might last a year or more, while Sculptra can last up to 2 years or more. This can impact the long-term cost of your treatment plan.

Do Radiesse and Sculptra buttocks injections require maintenance?

Yes, maintenance sessions are typically required to uphold the augmentation effect as the body gradually metabolizes the fillers.

Are there any additional costs associated with Radiesse or Sculptra buttocks injections?

Some additional costs might include consultation fees, post-treatment care products, or follow-up appointments.  

Will the cost of Radiesse or Sculptra injections differ based on the clinic or provider?

Yes, costs can vary widely based on the clinic’s location, the provider’s expertise, and their reputation in cosmetic treatments.

Are discounts or specials available for Radiesse or Sculptra buttocks injections?

Some providers offer specials and discounts for purchasing multiple sessions upfront, so-called bundling.