• Eliminates Under Eye Bags
  • Immediate Results
  • Long Lasting
  • No Needle
  • No Surgery
  • Natural Refreshed Look
  • Quick Lunch-Time Procedure

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EyeRise is a specialty of Dr. Bracci of Verve. Eyerise is a non-surgical technique developed to treat under eye bags and restore the natural architecture of the under eye area.

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What Is EyeRise?

Who Choose Eyerise over Surgery?

How much does EyeRise cost?

How long does EyeRise last?

Why Choose Verve?

What Causes Eyebags?

What is EyeRise?

EyeRise is a non-surgical technique that involves a tailored combination of different injectable fillers around the sides of the eyes, the mid-face (malar) region, and the cheek bone (zygomatic) areas. Based on years of experience treating the under eye area, Dr. Bracci has developed an innovative method for reducing a tired or aged appearance underneath the eyes. By using different cosmetic fillers at each layer underneath the skin, the goal is to restore the original architecture and, ultimately, reduce the appearance of eye bags.

Why Choose Eyerise over Surgery??

  • EyeRise provides a more natural look by restoring the architecture of the eyes without making permanent changes to the face
  • EyeRise is adding back support where you once had it. This is compared to surgery, which involves cutting away what you currently have
  • EyeRise does not involve any cutting or repositioning of the skin and tissue
  • EyeRise provides instant results!
  • EyeRise may be performed in a lunch time appointment
  • EyeRise requires little or no downtime after treatment
  • EyeRise allows for adjustments in the future, making it easy to maintain the results from the procedure

How much does EyeRise cost?

The Pricing rationale is based upon getting results and not based upon the cost of each individual filler , where the goal is to obtain results. Prices typically vary from $1999 to $2999. Our goal is to provide as much results as possible without over correcting the area. We have no limit to the amount of fillers provided but will add enough fillers to get the optimal results, again without over filling the area.

Some of our clients have benefited from as many as 6 or 7 vials of various fillers in the EyeRise procedure.

There is no particular recipe, but each client is treated with a combination of several fillers, in precise but different layers to restore the natural architecture . Experience allows Dr Bracci to apply the necessary filler combinations for each client to get the maximal results while maintaining a natural appearing architecture of the EyeRise area.

How long do results from Eyerise last?

EyeRise results may persist for up to several years or more. The EyeRise results will slowly disappear over years – however individual results will vary . It is recommended to return annually to receive a mini maintenance visit to maintain the optimal results.

Why Choose Verve?

Dr. Bracci is skilled in determining which fillers are best for each area. He is also known for his artistic injections and his skill in the use of a fine instrument, called a Cannula, is used to perform these injections. Unlike sharp needles which may bruise and are not as precise, the Cannula allows for a more concise contour of the treatment area. The Cannula will also lessen the risk of bruising which may occur in some patients for a short period of time.

Dr. Bracci is a leader in perfecting this technique. Verve’s philosophy is that the under eye area and mid face holds as a main centerpiece to the aesthetics of the entire face. Clients choose EyeRise due to Verve’s unique technique, experience, and dedication to obtain natural looking results without surgery.

What Causes Eyebags?

To learn about the causes of eye bags, visit our Eye Bags page.


How does EyeRise work?

Performed by Dr. Bracci, EyeRise™ is a new generation injection technique that utilizes a well-known flexible point medical instrument called a cannula to replace the sharp point needle. The EyeRise™ technique utilizes the latest cosmetic dermal fillers to significantly reduce the appearance of aging symptoms around the eye area—dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines (crows feet). Medical cosmetic filler injections provide volume to aging skin.  The new EyeRise™ cannula treatment using cosmetic fillers provides better outcomes than traditional needle injections.

Why is the EyeRise™ Cannula technique better than a needle?

The EyeRise™ cannula injection technique provides Dr. Bracci with the ability to inject cosmetic fillers with the precision needed to optimize the natural contouring around the eye. The blunt edge and flexibility of the cannula enhances the ability to better sculpt the eye area. The result is a fresher and natural appearance. The dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines (crows feet) are diminished.

How long does an EyeRise ™ treatment take?

The EyeRise™ procedure can be performed within a short time frame of less than an hour. You can come in during your lunch time break and go back to work.

Is the EyeRise™ treatment painful?

The EyeRise™ cannula technique is almost painless while the traditional needle technique of injecting cosmetic fillers may involve some pain.

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