• Eliminates Under Eye Bags
  • Immediate Results
  • Long Lasting
  • No Needle
  • No Surgery
  • Natural Refreshed Look
  • Quick Lunch-Time Procedure

Patient of Stephen P. Bracci, MD. Individual results may vary.

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Under Eye Treatment

EyeRise TM is the best under eye treatment for eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. The EyeRise procedure has been perfected by Dr. Stephen Bracci to give you amazing results in just minutes. The treatment is performed by Dr. Bracci using a tool called a cannula. There is no needle used in this procedure, which means very little bruising.

The flexibility of the cannula allows Dr. Bracci the ability to create a more precise injection to deliver volume restoring dermal fillers based on the natural contour of the eye. EyeRise fills in the area just below the eye bags to increase volume with the natural dermal filler products that Dr. Bracci uses.


Depending on your personal needs, prices for the EyeRise procedure can range anywhere from $1999 to $2999


How does EyeRise work?

Performed by Dr. Bracci, EyeRise™ is a new generation injection technique that utilizes a well-known flexible point medical instrument called a cannula to replace the sharp point needle. The EyeRise™ technique utilizes the latest cosmetic dermal fillers to significantly reduce the appearance of aging symptoms around the eye area—dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines (crows feet). Medical cosmetic filler injections provide volume to aging skin.  The new EyeRise™ cannula treatment using cosmetic fillers provides better outcomes than traditional needle injections.

Why is the EyeRise™ Cannula technique better than a needle?

The EyeRise™ cannula injection technique provides Dr. Bracci with the ability to inject cosmetic fillers with the precision needed to optimize the natural contouring around the eye. The blunt edge and flexibility of the cannula enhances the ability to better sculpt the eye area. The result is a fresher and natural appearance. The dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines (crows feet) are diminished.

How long does an EyeRise ™ treatment take?

The EyeRise™ procedure can be performed within a short time frame of less than an hour. You can come in during your lunch time break and go back to work.

Is the EyeRise™ treatment painful?

The EyeRise™ cannula technique is almost painless while the traditional needle technique of injecting cosmetic fillers may involve some pain.

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