New York City's Guide to Perfect Lip Fillers

There is in fact a way to achieve the natural looking, perfect lips with lip fillers. Despite all of the lip over corrections you see in the media and in everyday life, there is a way to subtly and naturally enlarge the lips with medical dermal fillers. They have been around for years and millions of women have integrated them into their anti-aging regime. Of course, you need to start with an experienced aesthetic physician with a good eye for natural beauty–this is very important.

At Verve Medical Cosmetics, we employ the technique of adding small amounts of fillers at to the lips at a time, and and then have the client visualize each step of the process, so to keep the clients feedback a part of the process. Dermal fillers injected properly into the lip area can add so much to your appearance without that noticeable overdone look. Add a little lip color and you are set for many months. Dermal fillers are natural and safe and regular mini maintenance visits will keep you looking your best. We are so sure you will love lip plumping with dermal fillers that we are offering 2 specials to fit your personal needs.