Press Release – Verve Medical Cosmetics Launches BaseLift

NEW YORK, April 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — VERVE Medical Cosmetics, a premier non-surgical aesthetic and anti-aging treatment studio introduces BaseLift™, a proprietary and revolutionary non-surgical facial restoration treatment that creates a more youthful and rested appearance without changing the patient’s look. On most patients, the BaseLift procedure is performed in a single session lasting about 30 minutes. Results are immediate, with minimal recovery time and last up to several years. Results, in most cases, can be maintained with brief yearly visits.

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Press Release – Verve Medical Cosmetics Launches Baselift -

Created and performed by Dr. Stephen Bracci, Founder and Medical Director of VERVE Medical Cosmetics, BaseLift restores a youthful appearance by focusing on the foundation and original architecture of the face as opposed to cutting and stretching the skin. The result is a natural look and refreshed appearance.

Until now, solutions to fighting the signs of aging were often targeted to a specific symptom — under eye bags, labial folds, thinning lips, etc. The BaseLift approach looks at the face as a comprehensive structure, and Dr. Bracci develops a customized approach to restoring the face’s youthful appearance.

“The base of the face is the underlying support structure beneath the skin, composed primarily of fat, bone and muscle,” said Dr. Bracci. “As we age and lose the base of the face, our skin sags and folds. Neither surgery nor topical wrinkle creams can effectively address this loss of facial structure.”

Through the BaseLift procedure, Dr. Bracci injects a variety of cosmetic fillers, selected and adjusted to each patient’s needs and goals, into the sagging or wrinkled areas of the face. The process re-supports the shape and architecture of the face and restores a more youthful, rested appearance without producing a traditional “plastic” look.

“Face lifts try to hide the appearance of aging by snipping and pulling the skin, giving the patient a taut but stretched look, after an extensive recovery period,” said Dr. Bracci. “Because the BaseLift approach directly treats the underlying structure of the face, where the aging occurs, but leaves the skin untouched, clients leave the appointment with a more natural look. It is an ideal solution for patients who need more than over-the-counter cosmetic solutions, but do not want traditional invasive surgery.”

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