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Juvederm Treatments

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Verve Laser -  Before and after photo of Juvederm Treatments

Patient of Stephen P. Bracci, MD. Individual results may vary.

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What Is Juvederm ?

What Is Juvederm Used For?

What Areas Of The Face Does Juvederm Commonly Treat?

How Is Juvederm Priced?

How Is Juvederm  Applied?

How Long Does Juvederm  Last?

Juvederm for Lips

Juvederm Lips Before 1
Juvederm Lips After 1
Juvederm Lips Before 2
Juvederm Lips After 2

Juvederm for Nasolabial Folds

Juvederm Nasolabial Folds After 1
Juvederm Nasolabial Folds After 1
Juvederm Nasolabial Folds Before 2
Juvederm Nasolabial Folds After 2

What Is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a cosmetic filler made of Hyaluronic acid (HA), which is a natural substance found in your body and in most living things.

What Is Juvederm Used For?

Juvederm is used to treat wrinkle lines and folds by adding volume to the skin.

What Areas Of The Face Does Juvederm Commonly Treat?

Juvederm is most often used to treat the wrinkles and folds around the nose and mouth, commonly referred to as Nasolabial Folds. The photos below show the results of a patient’s Nasolabial Folds treated with Juvederm.

Verve Laser - After photo 1
Verve Laser - After photo 2

Nasolabial folds treated with Juvederm. Individual results may vary.*

Additionally, Juvederm can be used to treat areas such as the vertical lines that are around the lips (also known as “lip lines”) as well as lines that appear with smiling and laughing. In some instances, Juvederm may also be used to treat acne scars.

How Is Juvederm Priced?

Juvederm  is priced at $799 for a single syringe. Most of our patient’s purchase treatment packages that focus on cosmetic results as opposed to buying individual filler amounts such as “two syringes.”

This provides considerable savings on cosmetic treatments while at the same time customizing the results to each individual. Visit our Treatment Specials page to learn more about our current deals!

How Is Juvederm Applied?

Juvederm is injected into the skin with a fine needle or a blunt, needle like instrument called a cannula.

How Long Does Juvederm Last?

Results from a Juvederm treatment may vary. Due to variables such as the amount of filler injected and the area of treatment, results will typically last anywhere from a few months up to a year.

Juvederm is not a permanent treatment and will naturally go away over time. Because Juvederm acts as a replacement of the foundation under the skin that was once there, Juvederm, just like this supporting foundation, will naturally wear away over time.

Ready to give Juvederm a try?

Visit our Treatment Specials page to learn about current deals on Juvederm and other cosmetic treatments, or use our online form to Schedule a Free Consultation.

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