Choosing to get a dermal filler procedure is a big step. Though the procedure only takes a few minutes and is minimally invasive, coming in for the filler consultation can be a bit intimidating. Understanding what your injector is looking for and what to expect from your dermal filler consultation will help to make you feel more confident and prepared when you come for your initial consultation. 

What to Expect During Your Filler Consultation

First Impression 

Upon entering the room, my first step is to form an overall impression as a quick glance often reveals much. As an injector, looking at the architecture of the face including wrinkles or lost support in the skin helps begin to think of ways to rejuvenate the appearance. 

Address the Main Concerns 

I then ask about their main concerns, such as comments on appearing tired or preparing for events like birthdays, weddings, or reunions. Often, an upcoming event is what will bring a client into the studio. 

Suggested Event Timeline 

WATCH: Bride’s Non-Surgical Wedding Transformation at VERVE Medical Cosmetics (BaseLift™) 

Look at the Full Face, the Big Picture 

Next, I request them to pull their hair back from their face and ears for a full view of their facial features. It’s essential to evaluate the face from a normal conversation distance, avoiding the distortion of a close-up mirror view. All too often clients will show details in their face that are only visible up close, making it a distorted viewpoint. 

My goal with fillers is to restore the skin’s original position and ensure it matches adjacent tissues for a natural look. I focus on key areas: under the eyes, mid-face support, lateral cheekbone contours, nasolabial fold depth, marionette lines, and jawline definition. Fillers are used to restore the architecture of the face by compensating for the loss of underlying supportive structures like fat, muscle, and bone.

The face is divided into areas: the medial face (below and between the eyes) and lateral areas (cheekbones and jawline) for targeted filler application. We can create a three dimensional restoration of the architecture of the face by forward projection (medial face) and by lateral vectors (lateral areas) and we can create a more natural appearance where surgery is more in the lateral vector domain.

Assess Previous Filler Injections or Plastic Surgery

I assess if previous surgery has altered the face’s shape and if fillers have been applied unevenly in the past. I can look and see if the skin has been shifted or manipulated and there’s any surgical history and then the other thing that I really look for is the history of prior fillers. I can usually tell, even if the clients don’t tell me, when fillers are put in because it doesn’t match the adjacent area. My goals are to make fillers appear unnoticed and blend with adjacent areas  , and I pride myself with getting the most natural results 

Deciding Which Treatment is Right For You

After discussing potential areas for treatment and expected results, my team provides pricing and options for cosmetic enhancements with fillers. At this point we can begin to put together a treatment plan such as the BaseLift™ (non-surgical facelift), EyeRise™ (non-surgical eye bag removal), or what type of filler would be best for an individual filler treatment. 

Can I Receive a Dermal Filler Treatment the Same Day?

Yes, you can. After meeting with Dr. Bracci, you have the option to make an informed decision to receive a dermal filler treatment that same day or you can schedule your filler appointment at VERVE for another day. During any treatment, you will be numbed using injectable anesthetics.  

Aftercare and Recovery 

After your treatment, you may have subtle side effects which are very normal. Some of the most common side effects include redness, swelling, or bruising. Most side effects will  subside within a few days from the filler treatment, however if bruising occurs it may persist longer .  

Schedule a Consultation or Filler Appointment with Dr. Stephen Bracci

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