The New Nose Job: Non-Surgical Nose Filler Contouring

The term ‘nose job’ no longer refers exclusively to surgery. Now, there is a non-surgical option: filler nose jobs, or, what we like to call ‘non-surgical nose contouring.’ In one lunchtime appointment, you can give your nose the shape you want.

Filler nose job before after

Patient of Stephen P. Bracci, M.D. Individuals results may vary.

There is absolutely no cutting involved in this revolutionary procedure. Instead, cosmetic fillers, such as Restylane or Juvederm, are injected into the nose to give it a straighter, sculpted, and more refined shape. If you are someone who fears surgery or does not want to make permanent changes to their face, this non-surgical nose filler option may be the way to go.

At Verve, we want you to be able make an educated decision as to whether this procedure is right for you. So, to get you started, we’ve explained the answers to some basic questions we’re often asked about nose fillers.

Am I a candidate for non-surgical nose contouring?

There are several types of candidates for this procedure are. Those with a bump on the bridge of their nose, known as a ‘dorsal hump,’ may benefit from nose fillers. Another common candidate are those with curvature on the sides of their nose. The final common candidate for nose fillers are those that need an adjustment to a previous surgical nose job.

Can non-surgical nose contouring make my nose appear smaller?

Simply put, yes, however, the real reason people seek cosmetic improvements to the nose is to improve the shape as opposed to the overall size. Non-surgical nose fillers address the issue of shape by giving the nose a straighter, more refined shape, in turn making the nose appear smaller.

What are the limitations of non-surgical nose contouring?

Non-surgical nose contouring cannot permanently alter the size of the nose. If you want to permanently alter the size of your nose, either by making it smaller or decreasing the nostril size, surgery would be a stronger option for you.

What type of provider should I use for non-surgical nose contouring?

As with any non-surgical aesthetic procedure, you should seek out a cosmetic medical specialist who devotes their entire practice to non-surgical injectables. Essentially, a physician who only performs cosmetic injectables (Botox and fillers) will be the best option.

We know this may not answer all of the questions people may have about this procedure. If you still have questions, come in for a free consultation with Dr. Stephen Bracci, Verve’s Chief Medical Officer.

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