5 Reasons Celebrities Look Fake


Season 2 episode 3 of the Ageless Rage Show discusses 5 major reason why some celebrities look fake and how to avoid this look.

The FIRST and Most common reason by far is that they had permanent changes made to the face such as plastic surgery. Whenever the face is cut and the tissues pulled there is a real risk of not only looking different immediately, but an even greater likelihood of making the face look less natural over time. The key is that our face is naturally ever changing and making a drastic repositioning of the structures of the face today with surgery has a high chance of not adjusting naturally as we mature.

THE SECOND and one of the most common reasons some celebrities look fake is the over-use of the soft type fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Voluma.

These types of fillers are by far the most common type fillers injected mainly because they are technically easier for the injector to inject. However, they tend to make the face puffy if used more than SMALL amounts. One reason is that soft fillers tend to hold water. In addition, the common practice of going to different providers to get what some call “top offs” of soft fillers is likely to leave you puffy and round appearing due to this water retaining property. In addition, the fact that they are seeing too many different physicians for “top offs” instead of sticking with one for consistency of care is of great importance.

THE THIRD REASON is the lack of USE of firm fillers. FIRM fillers such as Radiesse and Scupltra are technically much more demanding to inject, but provide a more natural and stronger lift to the skin. If a provider does not offer these fillers at all, there is a real limitation on the scope and the amount of correction that can be accomplished.

THE FOURTH REASON which I am very passionate about is when the WHOLE FACE is not treated or even considered there is a tendency to look less natural.Why is this so important? As we mature we lose support underneath the skin in the entire face and all too often the providers not only over rely on the soft fillers, but they commonly only treat limited areas of the face such as mid cheeks and nasolabial folds without getting results of lifting to the sides of the cheeks and jawline or under the chin.

By focusing only on limited areas of the face all too often the face is unbalanced with some areas overcorrected and others under-corrected.

THE FIFTH REASON is that you need to understand that you are not purchasing ingredients but the aesthetic experience and vision of the physician.

A celebrity doctor may not necessarily be the best or experienced injector with an aesthetic sensibility and is not likely to provide cosmetic injections full time.