Lip Filler Injections: Everything You Need to Know | Cosmetic Procedure, Options, Duration, and Considerations

Lip Filler Injections: Everything You Need to Know | Cosmetic Procedure, Options, Duration, and Considerations

Lip filler or lip augmentation is one of the most popular injectable cosmetic procedures. The treatment consists of  injecting dermal fillers into  the upper lip and /or lower lip, typically with a filler type called hyaluronic acids. Most commonly these filler injections are performed with a cannula  with as few as one injection per lip.  Lip filler injections utilize hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Versa, and RH fillers. These filler categories are made from natural gels that are soft and hydrophilic, absorbing water to enhance lip volume, fullness and plumpness.

Procedure for Lip Filler Enhancement + Lip Augmentation 

The technique varies based on the lip area and desired outcome, utilizing either a cannula or needle.

– Needles, being sharper, are ideal for dense areas like lip borders or precise adjustments, but they have a higher likelihood of causing bruising.

Cannulas, less sharp and longer, can treat most or all of the lip through one entry point, often resulting in less bruising and pain.

Duration + Type of Filler

Typically, results last up to 6 months. Factors affecting duration include:

– Amount of filler: More filler will typically last longer.

– Treatment areas: Fillers injected to the lip border tend to last longer than in the body of the lips.

– Individual factors: Some patients experience longer-lasting results, possibly due to a biostimulation effect that encourages new collagen formation.

-Type of Filler: Many of the Hyaluronic fillers, such as Juvederm, are pre-mixed with a numbing agent to reduce any discomfort that may occur during the injection. Typically cannula lip injections are of little to no pain . 

Lip Enhancement Treatment Areas

– Body of the Lip: Targeted for size, plumpness, and to add volume with cannulas being the preferred tool.

– Vermillion Border: The boundary between skin and lip. Cannulas are usually  better suited for this firm area, but sometimes needles are more optimal .

Key Considerations for Injections 

– Lip Size Relative to Face: Contouring may be beneficial for fuller lips.

– Lip Shape: Aim for a natural look by filling the a lips from middle to the sides evenly ,  avoiding over-filling 

 – Lip Ratio: Upper and lower lips need not be equal; a slightly larger lower lip often appears more natural – but for some ethnicities –  equal ratios of upper to lower lips is more natural . 

– Surrounding Areas: Assessing the lips’ appearance in relation to nasal labial folds and marionette lines. Giving someone full lips with deep surrounding folds can look unnatural.

 – After Care: The amount of swelling varies depending on both the individual and how the treatment is performed. To minimize swelling, an experienced injector may do things such as minimize the number of injection spots, inject at a medium depth, and administer the injections very slowly. The amount of downtime is typically minimal. Most clients are able to resume normal social activity shortly after their treatment.

Three Common Causes of Unnatural Lips

1. Excessive filler, particularly in the lip body. 

2. Too deep placement, causing the lips to roll outward.

3. Ignoring nasal labial folds and marionette lines when lips are full, creating an unnatural appearance.

With the right provider, filler can help you achieve your desired results to natural, plump lips. If you’re considering visiting Dr. Stephen Bracci to get lip filler injections or a lip flip, fill out the form on our website or call (212) 888-3003 and we will help you schedule a consultation. 

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