Why the Cannula is the Secret to Successful Non-Surgical Eye Bag Treatments: What Nobody Told You

Non-surgical, injectable treatments are a top choice for the removal of eye bags and dark under eye circles. A premier expert in the field and the developer of the EyeRise™ treatment, I am often amazed by the amount of “missing” information about these treatments out there. It is difficult for anyone to manage the proper research on the topic. One of the biggest myths concerns the best device needed to perform these treatments, it is not a needle as popularly believed, but rather a cannula.

The goal of an under eye bag treatment like EyeRise(™) is to reduce the depth of under eye creases by placing fillers under the skin to re-support it and lift it from underneath. The overall objective is to place the skin back to its natural position, rather than move the skin to a new position as with surgery.

The key to getting the best results and restoring the patient’s natural look is placing fillers selectively in the layer below the skin, the subdermal layer. Most physicians use sharp needles for this delicate area, but the cannula, a specialized thin flexible tube with a dull blunt tip that goes under the skin; in the hands of an experienced professional gives superior results.

Why Is The Cannula Superior to a Needle and Why Haven’t I Heard Of It?

The skin below the eyes is very thin containing many tiny blood vessels making it highly susceptible to bruising. When this area is treated with a needle instant bruising commonly occurs since the sharpness of the needle punctures the fine blood vessels. Once bruising occurs, it is harder for the doctor to clearly see the skin and complete the treatment with precise results. The cannula, on the other hand, with its dull flexible tip passes within the sub-dermal space with much less bruising. With fewer to no bruises, the physician can see the treatment area more clearly; allowing for precise injections of fillers with a much better outcome.

If Treatment With The Cannula Can Yield Much Better Results, Why Aren’t More Doctors Using It?

Simply put, using the cannula is technically difficult especially in the under-eye area. Perfecting the cannula technique takes experience and advanced skill. Physicians who focus their practices solely on cosmetic injectables have more time and experience to master the cannula and other advanced injectable techniques; achieving better results for their patients. Injectable expertise requires visual-spatial skills, an aesthetic passion, and a full-time aesthetic medicine practice.

For nearly 20 years the sole focus of my practice is nonsurgical injectables, and the EyeRise(™) treatment of under eye bags has been the main part of that focus. In my expert opinion, cosmetic injectables are best performed by a person who makes them the core part of their practice (core physician). The goal at my studios is to refresh your appearance and restore your natural youthful glow without anybody knowing.

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