Correcting Vertical Lip Lines

To embarrassed to pucker up or even apply lipstick because of those pesky vertical lines that sprout from your top lip? You are not alone. Like crow’s feet, lip lines are caused by years of movement and age. For smokers and sun worshippers, the condition is particularly severe. Like the rest of your face, facial fat makes up some of the volume in our lips and, over time, this facial fat becomes depleted. Add the thinning of skin that happens as you continue to grow older and you are left with deflated thin lips that are lined with those aging vertical creases.

Luckily, this condition can be minimized or even reversed at Verve Medical Aesthetics.  After a free consultation, Dr Stephen Bracci will create a custom treatment specific to your needs.  Whether you require Botox to relax over active muscles, an injectable cosmetic to replace volume, or both we aim to restore what age or bad habits took away. Even if you are just looking for a sexier pout, we can enhance what Mother Nature originally gave you while making sure you look great not fake. What to know more? Give us a call!