Freckles & Age Spots

Age sun spots are cute on Dalmatians, but when they appear on your face — well that’s another story. There are two types of “spots” that appear on our skin;  freckles and age spots. Both are evidence of sun damage. Freckles, as adorable as they might seem, are the result of too much sun in addition to having unevenly distributed melanin (the dark pigment in skin). Age spots on the other hand, are never charming.  As we get older our skin’s natural ability to fight off UV rays diminishes and unlike dainty freckles age spots appear as large brown or gray-ish splotches that leave the recipient with a dull, uneven complexion. Yuck.

Thankfully there is plenty that can be done to restore the spotless luster to one’s skin. IPL Photofacial Laser is an efficient way to remove dots and splotches,  plus it is medical approved. For select patients a Retin A regime used after treatment will expand upon the laser’s superb results. Interested in learning more? Schedule a complimentary appointment!