Natural-Look Botox Vs. Camouflage Make-Up

Worried about how you are going to hide those ugly wrinkles and achieve a natural look without caking on a fake mask of make-up? The answer is so simple, especially if your morning get-ready regime is already jam packed. The answer is something you have heard about, but maybe misinformed about. The answer is Botox ® Cosmetic and Xeomin.

Did you know that Crow’s Feet, the lines on the sides of your eyes, or “11” lines between your eyes, or horizontal lines on your forehead, can start to show as early as our 20s and 30s? If you have these lines, and are using heavy makeup to conceal them, you should learn more about Botox and Xeomin wrinkle relaxers. Many people, including celebrities, avoid these treatments because they mistakenly believe it is not natural and results in a fake or frozen looking face.

Botox itself is not the problem. The problem is patients going to inexperienced professionals for injections. Have an injection by an experienced professional and Botox will create a more natural look than the caked-on makeup we seem to accept as the norm in achieving natural beauty. In reality, make-up is really the “less natural” solution because you are masking your entire face. Unlike makeup, Botox does not change the look of your face, it restores it’s natural beauty, it does not fall off when we sweat, it is not a caked-on mask, does not change the color of our skin, and can be applied in one lunch time appointment. With Botox, you can wake-up to no make-up.

Botox SIMPLY relaxes the muscles that wrinkle the skin. Depending on the person, it can last up to 3 to 4 months, so it’s not a “permanent” decision and it can be adjusted to achieve the natural look the patient desires. Over time, Botox and Xeomin are preventative measures helping to reduce the appearance of new wrinkles. Results are long lasting and definitely more convenient than ANY expensive make-up wrinkle concealers you have piled on your bathroom vanity.

The list of Botox ® wrinkle removing wonder benefits goes on. Remember– an experienced injector is the key to good results. So get the best Botox NYC has to offer, visit Verve for a complimentary consultation with one of our professionals. We also have offices for Botox in New Jersey. Click here to learn more about Botox, Verve’s Botox special offers or schedule your free consultation.