To fully understand treatment with cosmetic fillers, you need to be knowledgeable about more than the fillers themselves; you need to understand how to use them most effectively to treat problem areas. At Verve Medical Cosmetics, we know filler treatments are very valuable and want to ensure we give you the best return on your investment; that means not only dedicating ourselves to providing the highest quality treatment, but also providing you the knowledge. This will allow you to take an active role in your treatment and get the best results possible. In our last blog we began our education on creases and folds by reviewing the cause, the loss of the structural foundation in the areas SURROUNDING the sagging skin. In this new blog entry, we
will get down to specifics; discussing the three most common areas of foundation loss our clients benefit from correction.


The first problem area you may notice are “smile lines,” or nasolabial folds. These are the lines extending from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth. The critical cause of these folds is a loss of support in the midface and cheek areas and not a loss of support directly below the skin fold. The hollowing or depletion of the base of support in the midface and upper cheek allows the skin to shift downward causing the nasolabial folds. To effectively eliminate smile lines make sure your practitioner rejuvenates the support base below midface and upper cheek and not just the folds themselves. View before and after nasolabial fold treatments


The second common problem area are “puppet lines,” also known in aesthetics as marionette lines. These lines stretch from the corners of mouth to the chin. Marionette lines are not only caused by a loss of support in the chin area. They are truly caused by the loss of support in the upper face as well as the jaw line. Depending on your condition, treat the upper face with an injectable to help eliminate your marionette lines. View before and after marionette lines


A common problem area for all ages, are dark under-eye circles and bags. The primary causes of these bags are a loss of support in the areas below the eye, the midface and the cheekbone area in addition to loss of support directly below the eye creases. To achieve the best results and maintain a natural look, the foundation must be restored to all three of these areas to achieve the best correction while maintaining a natural appearance. View before and after eye bag treatments

Remember, when treating these common areas, the target areas of treatment should be those surrounding the wrinkles and folds and not just the folds themselves. This knowledge should help you to get the most out of your investment and achieve anti-aging success!

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