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The Gloss Asks Dr. Stephen Bracci How to Get Good Botox in Your 20's

Recently, The Gloss asked Dr. Stephen Bracci a few of their burning Botox Cosmetic questions: Why are more people in their 20’s getting Botox? How do you avoid getting the dreaded Dr. Spock- brow? What do you do if you get droopy eye brows? Can Botox back fire and cause more wrinkles as you get older? Check out the post and see how Verve Medical Cosmetics separates Botox facts from Botox Fiction!

Medical Cosmetic Solutions for Crow's Feet

Whoever said laughter is the best medicine did not have crow’s feet, those pesky lines that start at the outer corner of the eye and over time fans out and deepens.  The condition for most adults is the first sign of aging. This is because the eye and temple area have less collagen than the rest of the face, and this effect’s the skin’s elasticity. To add insult to injury, this fragile area is prone to sun damage and deteriorates further based on unhealthy habits and poor skincare. Even if you do everything “right” — wear sun block, skip squinting, and vow to never smile again you can’t prevent volume loss, another culprit responsible for this condition. Thankfully, Verve Medical Cosmetics is armed to the teeth with wrinkle fighting solutions. Our arsenal includes: Botox Cosmetic, a powerful medicine that blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles which softens and often…