When Botox Doesn't Work: 3 Common Factors and How to Resolve Them

What is the most common reason that Botox doesn’t work? Usually, it is because too few units were applied. For many people, a “light” Botox treatment is just not enough to achieve the desired results.

The second factor affecting the results of a Botox treatment is the fluctuation, or change of dosage needs that are seen with repeat Botox treatments. This is directly related to the fact that the Botox dosage requirements commonly change over time, requiring higher dosages of Botox to get the same effect. For example, some clients may be satisfied with 10 or 15 units in a particular area during their first few treatments, only to be frustrated that they don’t see the same effects on subsequent treatments with the same dosage.

Reasons for this change in required dosage include a natural resistance that the body builds to the Botox ‘proteins’ as well as an enhanced nervous system innervation in the treated area over time.

A third factor affecting the results of Botox have to do with the difference between resting lines and muscular movement lines. For example, after a treatment, a patient may still see the lines even though the doctor said that they obtained a good result. What does this mean?

This simply means that the Botox was effective in preventing movement and relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkling of the skin. The remaining lines that are seen are referred to as ‘resting lines’ and are not responsive to Botox.

Many times, these resting lines (static lines) are better treated with cosmetic fillers. The confusion comes from a lack of understanding that Botox works best on movement lines while cosmetic fillers work best on the lines that are at rest.

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