Does Botox Prevent Wrinkles?

Does botox prevent wrinkles?

In my practice, one of the questions patients frequently ask about Botox treatments is: does it prevent wrinkles? The simple answer is yes; before I explain the specifics of this process, let me identify the two types of facial wrinkles Botox treats.


The first type, “static” or “resting” lines, are actual creases in the skin when it’s at rest. The second type, “dynamic wrinkles,” are caused by muscular movement.


With an understanding of what Botox treats, here are five important facts you should know about treatment and wrinkle prevention.


Does Botox prevent facial wrinkles, or does it exclusively provide short term relaxation of muscles that move the skin?


It does both. Botox works first and foremost on relaxing the muscles that pull and wrinkle the skin; this movement causes “dynamic wrinkles” or movement lines. By relaxing these muscles and preventing further movement, Botox’s long term effect is assisting in the prevention of “static” or “resting” wrinkle formation.


How does Botox lead to the prevention of (resting lines) wrinkles?


As Botox relaxes facial muscles it’s secondary benefit is the lessening of damage from repetitive movements; movements that lead to the formation of static wrinkles. The science behind this is simple, repetitive movements cause the collagen facial fibers to breakdown; the breakdown of these fibers causes static wrinkle formation. By relaxing the skin, Botox reduces these movements, thereby preventing collagen breakdown, and formation of static wrinkles.

Do you have to always maintain Botox treatments year-round to get the preventive effects?


No. Botox can help lessen the risk of permanent resting lines formation with bi-yearly treatments.


At what age should somebody start Botox treatments?


It depends on the individual. For many of my patient’s, starting Botox early, in their twenties or thirties, is just as important as the frequency of treatments. Beginning Botox treatment at a younger age results in more resting periods for your skin. More resting periods yield longer term protection from collagen damage and slow the formation of the permanent wrinkles generally caused by the aging process.


Will Botox users look fake in the long run?


No. This is a common fear among patients; but the bottom line is Botox will not make you look fake. Botox’s purpose is lessening the damaging effects movement has on the skin not changing your facial appearance.


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