Eye Bags and Dark Circles

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Why Do Under Eyebags Occur?

How Can I Treat Eyebags?

Why Do Under Eyebags Occur?

Eyebags occur mainly due to a loss of support below the skin. This is contrary to the popular belief that eye bags appear because of newly gained fat or skin underneath the eyes.

The erosion of these support structures (bone, muscle, fat and connective tissue) occurs naturally with age. A loss of volume under the skin can create a puffy appearance as well as dark circles. It is not uncommon to see eye bags and dark circles as early as our 20s and 30s. Our eyes show our age, stress level, and family genes. This can happen for a number of reasons including lack of sleep, stress, family genetics and an unhealthy lifestyle.

How Can I Treat Eyebags?

There are no home remedies for dark circles and puffiness. A healthy lifestyle, including rest and relaxation, can help prevent the appearance of again in the eye-area. For faster and longer lasting results, cosmetic dermal fillers will have the greatest effect. Treatments using dermal fillers, such as EyeRise, are non-surgical, virtually painless and, in most cases, provide immediate results.

Our belief is that the most straightforward solution to improving the appearance of the under eye area is to simply add back the support that was once there, rather than removing skin or re-positioning the under eye tissues through surgery.

Looking for More Information on Eyebag Treatments?

Visit our Treatments page to learn about EyeRise, our signature eyebag treatment, or use our online form to Schedule a Free Consultation.

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