Cool tea bags placed under the eye are a temporary fix for reducing the appearance of under-eye bags. Tea bags do temporarily reduce inflammation in the under-eye area, but do not provide a long term solution since once the teabags are removed the inflammation reappears within an hour or less…

How does the application of cool items to the skin reduce inflammation and swelling?

Any cool item like ice, frozen vegetables, or a cool tea bag causes vasoconstriction, a reduction of blood flow in the area the cool item is applied. When blood flow is restricted there is less fluid retention and in turn less inflammation and swelling in the area.

Are there risks in applying a cool compress or ice to the skin?

When cold compresses or ice are applied for too long they can cause frostbite, burning of the skin. The risk of frostbite increases when there is already a decreased sensation in the area being iced since you are less likely to feel the burning of the skin. To prevent frostbite do not apply ice directly to the skin; wrap it in a paper towel or cloth before putting it on the skin.

Why aren’t cool tea bags a more popular treatment for eye bags?

Cool tea bags are not a popular treatment for eyebags because they are not a practical way to manage them in the long term. Once the teabags are removed the visible effects of treatment last an hour or less; so people would need to reapply them throughout the day to maintain the visible effects. People looking for a long term solution to under-eye bags should consider cosmetic fillers and non-surgical procedures including Dr. Stephen Bracci’s EyeRise™. The EyeRise™ treatment is performed only by Dr. Bracci. His VERVE Medical Cosmetics studios are located in New York City, Paramus New Jersey, Irvington, NY (Westchester), and Garden City, NY (Long Island). Call, or visit our website to schedule your free consultation today.

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