New scientific medical techniques now provide patients with the option to remove eye bags and dark circles non-surgically. Cosmetic filler injections applied with a specialized instrument called a cannula is an effective and safe non-surgical treatment for the removal of bags under the eyes. Dr. Stephen Bracci, a board-certified physician in New York, New Jersey, and Miami has treated thousands of patients with his EyeRise procedure and has perfected the technique as an option to surgical procedures.

Though genetics can contribute at an early age, the major cause of under-eye bags is the aging process during which we lose the foundation of the face, the supportive structures of bone, muscle, and fat underneath our skin. As the foundation atrophies, we see the skin sag and fold differently causing eyebags. When different types of fillers are injected under the skin, they add back this support and move the skin back closer to its original younger position.

There are many types of cosmetic fillers on the market today and varying levels of injector experience and treatment solutions. When treating the under-eye area non-surgically, it is important to do research and select a medical provider who specifically specializes in advanced techniques in the removal of under-eye bags with cosmetic fillers. Some injectors provide a partial and a less expensive treatment where only the tear trough is injected with one type of hyaluronic acid filler. In most cases a partial under-eye tear trough treatment will not provide the most optimal results. An experienced injector will know to treat the tear trough as well as the supporting mid-face with a combination of soft and hard filler types. In addition, utilizing the correct soft filler (Belotero) will avoid the Tyndall effect of darkness around the eyes. An advanced injector who specializes in non-surgical under-eye bag removal with cosmetic fillers will be expert in the cannula device technique which replaces the needle. The cannula provides a more contoured result and avoids the bruising of a needle.

In the past, the only option to remove under-eye bags was surgery. However, surgery does not directly address the cause of eye bags which is the loss of foundation. Instead during a surgical procedure sagging skin is cut and repositioned to lessen the appearance of eye bags. Results are permanent and cannot be adjusted without further surgery. Patients may choose surgery because they may think surgery offers a permanent solution, however, further surgery may be necessary as the aging process continues and the skin under the eyes continues to sag and fold.

More people are seeking non-surgical solutions for the removal of eye bags because they want to avoid the trauma, downtime, and permanent changes that come with surgery. Furthermore, treatment results from cosmetic fillers are not permanent and can be adjusted over time as the aging process continues.

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