What is the Best Cosmetic Filler to Treat Under Eye Bags?

There is no one size fits all filler treatment for under-eye bags. Cosmetic fillers, the most popular non-surgical treatment for under eye-bags, are most effective when a “customized combination”  is used to treat the entire area around the eyes, and when the treatment is performed by a physician specializing exclusively in injectable arts. 

What Types of Fillers Are Used to Treat Under Eye Bags?

There are two types of fillers, softer hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, and firmer fillers. Each filler type treats a specific part of the area under and surrounding the eye. Softer HA fillers including Restylane, Belotero, Juvederm, and Versa are most effective in treating the area closest to the eyes (tear trough area). Firmer fillers including Radiesse, and Sculptra are the best fillers for support below the eyes in the mid-face (the malar region). Knowing how to combine the fillers effectively is based on the expertise of the injector; therefore the best treatment outcome is based not only on the type of filler used but also highly dependent on the injector. 

Which Fillers Provide the Most Natural Results for Under Eye Bags?

Some fillers are more effective for this area than others, however the most difficult part of working with fillers to treat bags under the eyes is treating the entire area around the eye to achieve a natural result. Treatment of the entire area requires adding support back to both the under eye area and upper part of the face (the malar region) and the proper individualized customization for each patient. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all filler for under eye bags.All too often providers will perform a quick fix of filling only the tear trough near the eye or using only one type of filler instead of a customized combination. The result of these partial treatments is an unnatural and unfinished look. This is why it is important to consider a provider’s treatment methodology as well as their photo results when you select your provider. It is important that you consider this when selecting a provider. 

How Do I Avoid the Tyndall Effect Under Eyes?

The Tyndall effect is when light reflects off of hyaluronic acid fillers and causes a darkened appearance. Using the proper filler type and proper amount reduces the risk of this common condition. The filler which is least likely to cause this Tyndall darkness effect is Belotero. Avoidance of the Tyndall Effect is another reason it is critical to consider a physician’s experience with fillers in the area when selecting a provider.  . 

Cannula or Needle?: What is the Best Injection Technique for Under-Eye Bag Fillers?

An expert who treats under-eye bags will be proficient and experienced in the more advanced injection method utilizing the cannula device. Unlike a sharp straight needle, the cannula is a micro-flexible precision tool allowing for better control when contouring at the injection site and minimizing pain and bruising.   

How should I select a physician to treat my under eye bags?

It is best to look for a physician whose entire practice is dedicated to injectable arts and one who has an extensive portfolio of before and after results. Practitioners who meet these standards have the most experience using different types of fillers as well as expertise with the cannula device to treat the entire area and will achieve the best results. 

Treating your Under-Eye Bags at Verve

At Verve we use Eyerise™, Dr. Stephen Bracci’s trademark non-surgical treatment to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags. Eyerise™ treats eyebags with a tailored combination of Softer HA and firmer fillers injected under the eyes, and the mid-face (malar) region. Drawing on over twenty years of experience in the injectable arts Dr. Bracci developed this innovative treatment to reduce the tired or aged appearance underneath the eyes. The technique works to restore the original architecture adding back support to the entire under-eye area, achieving a natural result. The basic premise of the treatment is adding back support under the skin to return the skin to its original rested, and natural position. The EyeRise™ treatment is performed only by Dr. Bracci. His VERVE Medical Cosmetics studios are located in New York City, Paramus New Jersey, Irvington, NY (Westchester), and Garden City, NY (Long Island). Call, or visit our website to schedule your free consultation today.

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