What Makeup Companies May Not Want You to Know About Contouring

- what makeup companies may not want you to know about contouring - verve cosmetics nyc

Frustrated that your makeup doesn’t give your face the contoured appearance you are looking for? Tired of washing it off before bedtime, only to re-apply it again the next day?

The bottom line is that makeup may not be the best way to contour and define your face. Instead, more effective, and longer lasting, results can be achieved with non-surgical cosmetic filler injection treatments. Here are the answers to the four questions you asked about facial contouring with non-surgical cosmetic fillers.

What is facial contouring with cosmetic fillers?

Simply put, facial contouring with cosmetic fillers is a non-surgical method of treating specific areas of the face with cosmetic filler injections to restore lost support, defining the margins and enhancing the edges of its features.

Does facial contouring with cosmetic fillers make the face appear thinner, and how does it beautify the face?

Dermal fillers can improve the definition of the bony surfaces of the face, making the face appear thinner. Beautification of the face is enhanced by improving the cheekbone to jaw-line ratio and contouring of the cheeks.

Does non-surgical facial contouring with cosmetic fillers make the face appear younger?

Youthful appearance of the face is largely based on the amount of support present under the skin. This support is lost as we mature, causing the face to change shape. By treating the face with cosmetic injectables in an artistic manner, this support is restored, both lifting and re-contouring the face to restore its youthful glow. The appearance is natural and the results are immediate.

Will the face appear puffy or fake with facial filler contouring?

No, as long as the treatment is done by an experienced injector using the right fillers. Facial puffiness is caused by water retention, so the treatment should be performed with firmer fillers that do not retain water. Radiesse or Sculptra are good examples of firmer fillers. Softer fillers, such as Juvederm, Voluma or Restylane, are great fillers, but they retain water and may not be as effective for this type of contouring.

To get the best results from facial contouring with cosmetic fillers, make sure to schedule your treatment with a physician whose practice is solely dedicated to cosmetic injectables. An extensive before and after portfolio with results that resemble a natural look will also help determine the physician’s aesthetic sensibility and artistic approach.

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