Dentist vs. Dermatologist: Who Keeps You Looking Younger?

- dentist vs. Dermatologist: who keeps you looking younger? - verve cosmetics nyc

Why The

Beauty Industry Has It

All Wrong

If you think that a youthful looking face is maintained just at the skin level then you are mistaken. A lot of what our appearance says about our age starts not only within the skin of our face but, more importantly, in the shape of your face. Our facial shape is largely dependent on the foundation underneath the skin, which made up mainly of bone. Once bone is lost in the face, sagging and wrinkling of the skin begins to occur.

So, what does this have to do with your dentist? Your dentist is extremely important in maintaining those very bones that make up the foundation and shape of your face as well as your teeth. According to Dr. Carlos M. Valdes of Cosmetic Dental of New York and Associate Clinical Professor at NYU’s Department of Implantology & Reconstruction, “It is critical to maintain the health of our teeth; otherwise then we can lose them. Losing our teeth leads to bone loss and has profound effects on how we appear. Our teeth provide physical stress to the bones in our face as we chew, which in turn keeps our bones stronger. All of the best skin care and creams are not going to make up for the sagging skin that is associated with tooth and bone loss.”

It is important to keep in mind that when you are searching for advice and direction to maintain a youthful facial appearance, it is not just your dermatologist, social media influencer or cosmetic skincare manufacturer that you need to consider. Cosmetic fillers can also play an integral part in maintaining the shape of the face as we age due to the natural occurrence of lost support under the skin. Overall, a healthy youthful appearance will only be achieved with dedication and commitment to good facial bones, strong teeth and good cosmetic medical care.

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