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One of the world’s favorite food enhancers, ginger has a multitude of health benefits. If you have ever drank ginger ale for a stomach ache then you know the power of ginger to treat digestive issues like nausea, heart burn and even stomach ulcers.

Best consumed in its natural form as in a tea or spice, ginger is chock full of minerals like magnesium, zinc, potassium and chromium. These minerals are essential to healthy circulation, reproduction and metabolism. From easing menstrual pains to regulating blood sugar, ginger can be your go-to remedy for many adverse health conditions.

The ginger root has a pungent flavor common in Asian cuisine. Grate or chop the ginger root to release its’ strong flavor and add to dressings, marinades, and stir fry. To boost your immune system and improve digestion add ginger to baked goods like cookies, carrot cake and pumpkin pudding.