Lip Filler Disasters: What To Avoid

Not a day goes by without somebody sharing with us their fears about lip augmentation. This is hardly surprising, as the number of exaggerated celebrity lip augmentations and negative social media response seems endless. These artificial appearing lips are everywhere, not just on celebrities, and it visually spells out that something is not right.


Fortunately, natural appearing lips are obtainable with the care of an expert. So let us sort through the myth hysteria and get down to the truth.


One of the most common causes of distorted lips is the use of permanent silicone instead of temporary fillers. Silicone, a form of plastic, is permanent when injected into the lips. Over time, our body reacts to the silicone in a way that causes these silicone injections to get bigger and irregular in shape. Since silicone injections are permanent, patients often elect to undergo surgery to reduce and remove tissue to try to remedy the exaggerated lips.


Another cause of lip filler disasters is when an injector administers filler to the lips without treating the area surrounding the mouth. Our biggest concern may be the size or volume of the lips, but the overall goal of the treatment is to also reduce signs of aging around the mouth. Doing this properly requires an aesthetic expert to fill in the nasolabial fold lines extending from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth. When the lips and the nasolabial folds are not treated as one unit, the lips tend to stand out and look fake. Ironically, when only the lips are treated, it is too little filler not too much filler that is the cause of exaggerated lips.


Done correctly, the lips should appear natural and full without anybody noticing. The truth is that getting plump, natural looking lips depends more on who is injecting them rather than what product is being injected. The product is only one ingredient, while the overall outcome is based more on the experience and artfulness of the provider.


Generally speaking, a person who works full time with injectables and fillers will have a better skill set, and provide better results, than those who dabble part time in aesthetics.


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